Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Play one more song.


As usual ,
less words more pictures!

And these are the pictures I got tagged from facebook some other days ago.

I was actually talking otw. 

It's pretty clear that I'm annoyed!

You have no idea how much I love this picture. I mean , we look so happy and alive wtf. Jacinth and I seriously look very happy wtf. Okay, if I could - I'll click a million likes and maybe hashtag #beautiful on instagram.

I'm so evil but then I seriously find girls who post their just-wake-up look photo with their messy hair, bulky specs and toothbrush hanging in their mouth, not to mention some toothpaste foam and the edge , actually hashtag themselves - 'beautifu', 'pretty' and 'sexy' .
Their self-confidence level must be x1000

I practically did nothing over the one week holidays other than drown myself with Big Bang's videos and eating. I spent almost 1k in a week. ):

And the other day where we got con to klang to eat some flour thingi which is likes pan mee. 

Trust me,
it's actually overrated.

My grandma cooks a hundred times way better.


That's Ming and I.

Not to mention,
it was a good hair day and I didn't put on any make up except for my brows! I FREAKING LOST MY BRUSH TT Now, another sum of money need to be outta the pocket again.

Party and sleepless nights - there you go.

I look like a round ball...

And the next day ,
to KL

No make up again.

Too lazy and tired. My jumpsuit tore wtf, fml. It was one of my favorite . Okay stop! * hits chest*

Lunch with Xuelin, Mingli and XiuMing at Peppercorn first. 


And then here we go. Xuelin didn't join us though, she have classes. So irony. Mingli and I is in the same college where XiuMing and Xuelin is in the same college. Double X . LOL, THAT XX !
You know ,
Those VIP blood in me... :p

grabbed from XiuMing's instagram.


I'm a blogger. LOL.