Monday, September 10, 2012

If happily ever after did exist, I will still be holding you like this.

Oh hey ,
It've been long since I have been logging into my blogger account because I had so many stuff to dealt with . Firstly , trials which was just over not long ago and my finals is less than a month time. I am not even sure whether I can even pass my law . My understanding level is beyond half and that's why I took law because at least - YES, AT LEAST I could memorize but it seemed like my last resort is turning me down too. I'm really easily distracted with alot of things. In other words, lazy. 
Second,  I have been spending too much time doing research of what people demand in fashion and trust me, just by memorizing the prints is exhausting. I'm glad that I'm done with all of them and getting my bills done. Honestly, I can't wait to do the photoshoot with Bernice and get them all up as they're mostly exclusive pieces :p
Third , I have been going out too much - as in , too too much that I barely remember how does my bed feels like. The only times I'm on it is when I'm going to sleep. I miss lying on my bed, flipping on magazines.

it's awesome that I have a week break from college now.

Those camwhore pictures from a month ago.

I went to KLCC for some show stuff with my family members with the basic themes but I was too lazy to get  on my wardrobe. I've been repeating clothes so much that I even feel sick myself. I need to arrange them , really. TT

Totally love how pink goes with white. But I was wearing heeled slippers below , wtf. So, it's a half body shot!

Had High Tea at the outdoor cafe which was based in Asian Theme. Just some snacks to pass time before heading to Popular Bookfest & no, I didn't go there for books. I went there and restock my stationery . I could use up a pen in a week, no joke.

Three layer tea and some fried banana/ cempedak thing. It was so nice wtf TT 

Hello eyebags :3

Facial date which didn't do any good. My skin condition still sucked a whole lot. I miss putting on BB cream so much though ):

Caramel Macchiato!

Believe me a not!
I camped in starbucks since 7am to 'study' - * cough* last minute study *cough* when my paper is at 1230 in the afternoon. The only thing that keep me awake is this ! I asked the girl to add more coffee in it to make it stronger. Caramel Macchiato is definitely better than JavaChip because Javachip is so freaking bitter and I got a sorethroat after that. Not to mention a slight fever, wtf. My body is so damn weak.

My trials end at Thrusday after econs paper and so - my classmates and I had a date to Redbox.

Was so damn pissy about my songs got paused - ESPECIALLY WHEN I WAS SO READY TO SHOW OFF I CAN RAP TOP'S PART IN BLUE WTF. I even mentioned about stuff like - WHO PAUSED MY BIGBANG SONG , I SLAUGHTER THEM with the mic.
No joke.
You don't freaking mess with a VIP when they are fangirling TT


That's just a minor picture I have to kill you. Look at his gaze wtf. I wanna rape him TT . k, STOP.

You don't know how bad my mood was when my singing got interrupted. Okay lah, I don't have some superstar voice and I sound like a freaking horse but still, respect lah right! I put the song first and at least, let me peacefully finish one song and then, I feel better and shaddap . Then, they can go spamming their choice of song in the list. 

if not, I BLACKFACE whole time wtf.

Toilet break!

It've been so long since we last camwhore.

Meet the older twin. 

You have no idea how much weight she lost since beginning of the year.


Guess what,
she speaks chinese more fluent than me . 

And some pictures we took in the room while we do not have any song to sing. Picture time while waiting for our song to come on! I edited it brighter because my eyebags was horror. I look so pale and tired TT


Favorite picture of all day.

I still can picture how tired I was that day.