Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nothing apart.

I have 3 more papers to go & I literally screwed up the last three. And you know what? I never get to finish a paper even. My time management sucked a whole lot.

To make sure my blog is not dead.

I'm here for a short update - about XuehQi's farewell dinner at Ole-Ole Bali the other day.

I literally look like a mess as I just rush there with just a bit of eyeliner and slight BB cream. I was sleeping right before and you don't know how I struggle with law. I hate law TT - It's no joke that I was shaking when I forget the case & the sound of the clock ticking scares me.

Enough of trial,
I need a break.

Look at my eye bags - Meet Xuelin!

you see . I look so ..... grrr.

But I have to post up because I literally delete half of the pictures wtf.

This is so damn good, I swear.

All in black.

I love how the picture effect goes. It's blurring with style , ngehheeh!

One more!

And you know what ,
I have been in specs for almost a week now . I have only been wearing skirts , loose tops , leggings? My hair is always in a mess and my hair colour is fading. My skin condition is so freaking bad that I can't even explain how bad is that!

I can't wait for trials to be done with and go on with my girly outfits.

I swear I have zero mood in choosing any outfits when I'm stressing .

Oh well,
I'm heading out now.