Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of dumbwhore.

I forget how long since I've been typing with anger. It's funny how fast my fingers are working magic right now. I'm not exactly angry but I'm getting annoyed. Honestly, bitchy is the only description I could use to actually shape up how I'm acting right now. Rolling my eyes isn't enough, I swear.

I don't even remember that I had do something that had annoy people or pisses people off. Honestly, I have only mix with the same ol' group of people and literally hangs out with them other than my classmates. I don't encounter sitting in somewhere , holding a shisha pipe and talk to you and literally insult where you are from and what your parents are doing. I don't even know you.
I swear that, I have heard about you talking about me alot of times to other people outside that you know me and have been that close to me. Honestly, we are just strangers because I believe that a few facebook messages and whatsapp doesn't make us that close. You don't even know my birthday and I don't even know your full name - and, how close could you call us right? 

So , you told people I'm brought up in a wealthy family , having a silver spoon in my mouth and being pampered like a princess since young. So, I'm always looking down on people who are not in the 'same status' as me. What the hell you mean by 'same status' ? Everyone is living on earth and breathing the same air , how does it make me any different from other people. I believe that all girls in the house are always pampered by their own dads . Aren't you, yourself a princess to your dad too? Why do you have to make me sound that bad , yes that bad.


honestly, I don't get how I get my designers bag getting on your way. Yes, my dad bought me all that and indeed, it's a waste of money because it's not a necessity and just a want. I wanted it and he bought me because he pampers me, a lot - more than you could imagine. I don't know how that would make me spoil and demanding. I honestly do not go to the place and roll on the floor over there, crying that I want that one. Okay fine, about the Chanel - I did go all ranting and complain because I know that I wouldn't get that because it's so freaking expensive. So, my deal with daddy was no new car. I exchanged for it. Don't go dramatic saying that you sit bus and walk to your own college -.- That's dumb. 

You don't know how much effort I have put into Raqul Reed and literally that's my whole. You don't know how many nights I've stayed up to skype with my suppliers , how much money I have throw in into my blogshop when I could use that to go on a holiday with my mates and you don't know how long I've saved that amount on money to make it all alive again. You don't know how much I can do, willing to do to reach my goal.

I'm sorry but who are you to say and bad mouth about me that way?

You may look better or more 'well-knowned' in the circle of people , in facebook and reality. But what does that make you - when you're known for grinding your ass up to people's crotch in the club or get drunk, pour liquor down your throat and start making out with boys in the club.
You call me spoil and I drain my dad's bank account but do you know that, I haven't been asking for allowance for almost 3 months and I have been paying my OWN phone bill since 4 months ago. I got those money by my own hands and I earn for that while you still trying to make them, guys to pay for your everything by rubbing your palm on their thighs.

I believe that I'm better than you , really.

Oh well,
At least, I'm trying to support myself while you are still sitting there, trying to bad mouthed people who is trying to improve. Just stay at where you are and keep on talking. I'll see where they bring you.

When you are getting drunk in the club , grinding on the 'rich' boys . I'm fucking sitting right here on this chair , skyping with my supplier for new stocks for Raqul Reed.

Before you want to break people's reputation down, at least check on your own reflection first.