Saturday, September 22, 2012


Had class party at Amanda's house on the last day of holiday, which is a Monday . I remember how dead tired I was as I spent half of the day for photoshoot and rush home to make pancakes and thank god, it was cooked. 

I mean,
I can cook - pancakes?


Because, you need talent to get the timing right and flip it all on time :) 

Let pictures do the talking alright.

Carmen & Jacinth.

I still do feel irony when I call her . I mean, I feel like I was calling myself and it's weird.




I don't care how terrible I look right now because that's all I have in my comp .

We watched some show that have something to do with deformed people being violent and cannibals against the normal human. It was nice and yet, disgusting. I hate the raping scene so bad. I never like raping scenes and rapist should die. How can they just take something so valuable from a girl - it's just like taking their whole life away. Sometimes, they should know how to control their dicks and don't let hormone speak their mind.

How short can this update get?