Friday, September 14, 2012

My Best Friend.

Can you believe it's friday already?

I've just came home from another round of outing and I can't actually believe that I'm sitting here - blogging my ass off at 1130pm when I should be hanging out with my friends outside. And, I guess this friday is one special one. I will never be home until midnight or later on fridays. Honestly, I don't know how to explain how odd I feel.

My ze Bitch, Zhi Wei had already return to UK and so before she left . I went over to her place to stay over and do some catch up then , head to KL for some simple shopping - no, we did burn a hole in both of our pockets and trust me, I never felt much more happier in my life.
I need a girlfriend who is willing to do everything with me and that doesn't only include shopping. Oh god, now I've miss her wtf.

I'm a forever alone bitch wtf.

And you know what,
that thrusday was my last paper so it means that - after I hang out with my classmates , I straight head to her place. 

Oh well,
how eventful right?

I helped her with her hair and trust me, it turned out so well. I can't believe I can even deal with hair colours other than eyeliners!

We both head to DimSum before to KL , around 1130 in the morning. It's actually pretty early for me as I don't wake up before 2pm on holidays -.-



And ,
we wasted a table of food because we were too greedy. We literally order everything in the menu and then, we are full awhile after.

I drove as she doesn't know the way!

I can't even explain how bad the traffic is in KL. Especially the way to Pavillion - it took us almost 30 minutes or more when it's just 5 minutes walking distance. The most suitable quote that moment is really - SO NEAR YET SO FAR.

I'm so glad that both of our phones have suffiecient battery power & trust me, Iphone 4s's battery never last long. I bring external battery , charger everywhere and I even have a car charger. My phone is literally my life and when it runs out of battery, I might die - just joking, ngehehehe. Although I've always been to KL but still, I would get lost if there's a road block. I only know one road there and a road to come home and anything changes , I'm dead. But thank god, they have GPS in iphone if not I would just cry in my car & that did happen once and it scare the hell out of me.

Self-entertaining, it is!

I had an album with her on facebook and I created it since year 2009 . The pictures in the album totally show us how much we have changed since we're 15 till now, 18 - legal *raise brows* . I can't believe that we still keep in touch after being away from each other . Yes, we were in different high schools and now, we are in different countries. We are almost 10 hours or more away from each other but thank god, we have whatsapp! HAHAHHAHA. Sometimes, technology really keep people together.

Click HERE for our album!

And we finally reach pavillion & get a parking after a while.

we went against the way because we were too happy about the parking. It's like a ' I DONT CARE WHAT IT TAKES , I WANT MY PARKING' . The traffic jam made us so fed up.

Toilet break.

And we're lining up for ATM because we have no cash LOL.



After a whole lot of shopping & walking around , finally settled down at Bulgogi Brothers which was only opened a day before at the highest floor. 

I never liked Korean food no matter how much I love Korean Boys and I'm actually allergy to Kimchi but it's okay for me because I never like the taste of Kimchi. This korean restaurant is definitely different and of course, better - in services and food. 

They do not have kimchi in every food in the menu and they're trademark is BBQ meat , beef . Bulgogi is actually Beef in korean. They do have BiBimBap or so but , they mostly major in meat lah and wtfbbq , it taste so damn good! Although it might be more pricey than all those DaORae or DaeSaRang , typical korean restaurant but it's worth it - for the better ambiance. I totally hate how they go all stress out, people running around on the steps of the seats in those typical restaurant. It's too noisy TT

Second ,
Their service was so good. Although I got freaked out when they went ANNNYEEEEONGHAAASAEEEEYOOOO so loud to the only both of us . Do you know that everyone have to greet us that way , loudly. ZhiWei and I was like WTF . We got totally freak out. But then, it was good because they were smiling. The others I went only gimme black face wtf. I see their face also I feel so full already ! They actually love to refill our side dish for us . We were so bloated after having corns and potatoes . Do you know their starters are sweet corn, sweet potatoes and green beans! OMG TT I miss the restaurant already!

Those drink tea pose :D

Basic Chicken BiBimBap!

We ordered a set of meat for two . There are three different parts of the meat/cow/ beef - whatever it's called. I only remember the second one tasted so good! I don't think the set is small though although the pictures looks damn little but there are still a whole lot at the side. IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD, I SWEAR TT

New contact lenses!

And after dinner,
there we go again!

Goofing at Forever 21!

Full body shot before we leave pavillion to join the other mates for late night drinks.

You know what,
nothing feels better than hanging out with someone close to you. It's a miracle how people can read each other's mine without speaking or explaining the thoughts.
And I guess,
that's why people say - sibling from another mother.

Stupid bitch best friend,
do you miss me now?

Nah - you can go on denying because you know you love me!