Sunday, August 5, 2012

Glitch in the system.

Imma just roughly go through with pictures because I'm that lazy :D

I need more space in my room, I swear. I can't fit my things anywhere ):

I will blog about how the hoodie purchasing thingy works next time because I seriously have no time. TBH, I'm offering you it in public because I was just doing a favor as I almost import from Korea but it seems like people doubt my intention. Honestly, I don't earn any shits from it other than saving shipping fee for the stocks I get from my blogshop. I hope you guys don't just send an email to ask me how am I going to prove you right about the hoodie. 

You know it's sickening when I actually tell you a whole grandmother story of how I approached it and you actually wants to think about it because it's expensive. I'm not mad about you NOT purchasing the hoodie as I don't get any benefits. I'm just mad at you, wasting my time while I can spend my time talking to those who really wanted it.

I hate how people turn a favor into a cheat.

The other day at college with my new owl vintage necklace! (:

It's on sale in Raqul Reed anyway, check it out.

But sadly ,
now it's the mustache trend time :p

Take a good look at my eyes ):

I realized that my right eye went swollen a few weeks ago and did nothing about it. I visited the doctor and he claimed that my eyes is perfectly fine and he doesn't know why it's swollen. Honestly, having triple eye lid sucks. I'm serious about me having a triple eye lid now. IDC, I'm gonna wear specs as much as I can. lens is more convenient.

why am I so fickle-minded. 

Up in buns , on a thrusday.

I remembered because I was late for class. I park all the way far end , at the other side of the world - NO JOKE OKAY. IT WAS SO FAR TT  , and walked to the wrong class . I need to get across the building, under the rain. I was soaking wet. So apparently, I was 30 mins late for class wtf.

photoshooting at Bernice's.

Snowflake as reward after that!

Taroball series set 4 (:

Spaghetti at Padi House.

And the lastest picture in my phone,
XiuMing's belated dinner - at Alexis, Bangsar.

Make up oh make up (:

And then, 
I reached home around 11pm , got to bed immediately and woke up at 3friggingAM to Fahrenheit88 with Evelyn to queue for Big Bang's ticket.

It's still depressing that I couldn't get the ticket I want. I was crying so bad and I was dead tired too. Don't remind me of what happened, seriously.

It was 8am.

VIPs are no joke.

I thought only CLOUDS ( Rain's fanclub) are the crazy one but trust me, VIPs are even crazier.

Got CAT 3 & felt grateful as it's the last two for ZONE A.

Oh well, 
At least...I'm there right?

Shabu Shabu with classmates and got into an accident fml.



the day after - all of us went Bak kut teh for lunch .
My family never wakes up before lunch, I tell you LOL.

Cendol and trust me, it's nothing like the SS15 one.

love you  guys.