Thursday, August 16, 2012

I didn't know the shining star I found was about to burnt out.

Just before anything ,
let me shamelessly promote my blogshop - Raqul Reed.

It's only a year old or more but it's really a miracle for somebody as slack as me to keep it going. You don't know how many things have Raqul Reed been through to actually stay 'alive' . No joke. I'm so glad that everything is quite fine now and tbh, it's so hard to go through this alone but I'll make it . I'm not planning to give this hardwork up anytime soon.
And now,
I can't even explain how glad am I that it had turned DOTCOM.

* flicking tears of joy dramatically*

Please visit  !

And so,
the other day I have mentioned about lining up since 4am and not getting the ticket I want.

And yeah , I got this ticket and really - everytime I see it, I get so sad. 

Shove it aside ,
I am glad that I got GDTOP hoodie :D which is already going to be out of stock in red ! MUAAHAHHAA take that , people! And to those people who turned me down when I actually 'beg' for the bulk buy thing. So, the bulk buy price will end by this month and so, those who are interested would have to pay more to buy nowww.

Sorry ,
just have to be that :D

Imma wear it everywhere when it's out of stock :D

And so,
I bought the other version since I have the red with zip one.

I got the one in black , without zip and to be honest , I prefer those with zip. I don't know but it looks so fake for the one without zip. Maybe because GD&TOP never wore the one without zip. I'm considering of buying the one with zip , in black again. Call me crazy or whatever. I'm so gonna buy the white one too. I'M BUYING THE WHOLE COLLECTION , I DON'T CARE! 

That's how much I love KNOCK OUT. 
You don't know how much I love the song and I can actually memorize the whole song other than TOP's rap part. I don't know how he actually move his mouth muscles and tongue so I assumed he's really good with his..tongue..ngehehehe . *bite lips*


As I mention above about how angry I am to the ticket I got on that day , now I'm feeling better





Amanda got it for me though. It was the best thing that ever happened to me! I can't express how much I love August! Zone A, Row C - which mean the part where TOP always stand and the third row. Now, be jealous of me please! The ticket price is even better than you expected , if you wanna know - you can pm me! HAHAHHAHA :D

Be jealous , please!

Oppa just express how I feel to those who cut my line that day! 

You know what,
I believe that Karma hits like a bitch and people who put in effort will get what they want! I can't express how happy am I when she texts me and told me about it the other day. I actually didn't believe her and ignore whatever she say until she actually told me that, she's bringing the ticket the next day.
She even say stuff like  - I HAVE A BAD NEWS.  , which gave me a super big heart attack! I thought she's going to tell me that there's no more ticket and end up, her bad news was we didn't get the first row and our zone isn't in the middle. After that, she showed me the picture of the zone. I got so excited like WTF, THAT'S THE BEST ZONE AND YOU SAID IT'S A BAD NEWS.

Fine, I overreacted.

Maybe you should go through the whole night of not sleeping and have to face the fact that you can never be close to them TT


Can't wait.

Here I am to spam you TOP'S pictures & a little of GD's below. I think Seungri is quite Charming nowadays. Daesung is too cute wtf. Well, taeyang is still taeyang to me - I never like good boys.


Those features.

Screenshot from KNOCK OUT! 

and, I still don't know why youtube removed them TT

And now,
to everybody's GD.

Everyone who love Big Bang will definitely love GD too. I can't say that GD represent BigBang because each of their members is so freaking successful but none of the VIPs could deny that , GD really put more effort than the others.

It's just like when people ask you  - WHO DO YOU LIKE IN BIG BANG?
You will answer - YOURBIASNAME and also, GD.

Idk but quite alot of people do that . As for me, I go like GD&TOP . Golden groooouuup ! :p

Totally can't wait for his solo - Wild and Young.

Hopefully, it doesn't involve alot of girls - you know, Kwon Ji Young and his playboy image.

Bad Boy ~~

FAVORITE PICTURE TT shouldn't just..stick your tongue out like that TT

That kinda wrap up half of my awesome AUGUST.