Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Like a Boss.

Believe me or not,
I have been wearing tshirt since this week starts! 

I know that I'm not really a tshirt person but you see, I'm changing more to a casual style now. I can't always wake up two hours earlier to just choose my clothes and also, I can't just keep on buying clothes without any limits. So, I have bought lots of tshirts nowadays. I don't get how people wear tight tshirts maaaaan, I always buy like.. one size bigger. I thought it's suppose to be comfy , no?

trials is a week ahead and you see now, I'm sitting here - doing nothing fml.

Tell me that you like my LIKE-A-BOSS tee! 

I love it so much! :p

And some camwhore shots with the vain partner!

Her jumpsuit is from raqul reeed :p

shamelessly promote :p

And Vita turned a year older that day!

Happy Birthday! (:D

Camwhore shots with my eyesbags fml.

I guess I need more sleep.

What do you think about my new layout?

And ,
Raqul Reed will be updated by this week!