Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lovey Dovey.

I've realized that I haven't been dressing up nicely lately.

As in,
I haven't been spending at least 20 minutes to choose an outfit, or to think whether I should put on just mascara or together with eyeliner. Or perhaps, I should just tie my hair up in a ponytail , half or just let it be. I haven't been caring about how I look, how I actually want to match everything with my outfit. I haven't been wearing rings / necklace to match up with my outfits. 

I don't know.

I missed feeling pretty and walking out with confidence. A slight make up or a little dress makes me happy. It makes me feel really happy. I guess most girls do like to walk around , in heels , pretty dresses or just a simple light make up to make them feel more confident.

I don't know about those girls who said and complained about how much they hate make up. Nobody can deny that make up is useful. And also , to those boys who said make up is only for ugly girls -.- Look at your korean girl groups , as if they never wear wake up right?

Oh well,
I put on some for class photoshoot the other day. Feeling confident since morning. WOOHOOO :D

In the car,

How you love my polka dot blouse! :D

And ,
photoshoot is around 11am or so.

Classmates ( as in the girls) where very into eyeliners and mascara. It's too much to put on eyeshadow though. I did a simple one with BB cream, eyeliner and mascara. And oh, not forgetting my brows too HAHAHHA :D

This is Amanda.

This is xiao hua!  HAHAHAHAHAH AUSTIN :D:D

Manda again!

You don't know how hyped up we can get for the informal shoots. It was fun after. I love cameras so much, ONLY if I'm in a good condition. There are so many facebook photos that people tag me and I totally look like crap wtf.

And not forgetting,
Pink is the colour for girls & red for guys! 

I love the picture above so much because I look so freaking flawless LOL!

Lunch at Pappa Rich with the usual nasi lemak that I've always order together with teh ais. And head to the other building for econs. Have a mini photo-taking session inbetween toilet breaks.

I look like a giant -.-

And ,
I really am.

Ending this post with a NOT-camwhore picture. :D

Not edited , at all..

Till then.