Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turn it Up.

Can't believe I am back to college tomorrow and I have not been sleeping more than 24 hours already. 

Oh well,
I guess I'll straight away sleep after this .

Or maybe, I might just go around saving some of TOP pictures first. I can't believe that it's so difficult to find nice pictures of him. Nice means, picture that I like. I never like him in his old straight hairstyle. I like his hair short and curly or , maybe with mohawk and colours or something. Overall, he still looks hot to me despite that he wear so freaking much. 

LeeJoon's pictures is everywhere ^^V

I was out on thursday and I was so glad that my face got better after applying some cream. Gosh, that cream is like god to me despite the colour and the oily-ness. But the red spot on my face the day before just went off straight away. And finally, I can step out of the house.

we went to IKEA for meatballs.


It was so cheap, omg.

I never had a can of soft drink for 1buck before. They're always around 1.80 or 2.20. I eventually go jakun over the 1 buck soft drink.

Walked around IKEA first since I wanna take a look at some furniture and mirrors. I desperately need a new small cupboard to put my bags and shoes. I actually hope to change my closet too, it's just too small to fit everything. I want a full body mirror in the room TT 

One of the awesome mirror that cost , 399 bucks -.-

And there we go,

Ikea meatballs.

it was my first time after idk how many years and it was really good.

I was so happy about the jam, idk why.

And some chicken breast set thingy 

that taste like crap.

The chicken looks like a fish to me.

Muffin and cinnamon! :p

And off we go to the curve, 
walking around aimlessly and yeah, it was really quiet.

Wanted to head to cineleisure to look around but we were so short of time so there we go back to subang.

Camwhore with the new nerd specs I bought.

It's without glasses though.

Look at those screwed up hair colour of mine!

It's turning to orange-y brown and I don't really quite like it. And, my hair length haven't been increasing since then. I guess, I probably have to redye my hair asap.

And more camwhore,

Had a light dinner and then, got home.

Is the update short enough? lol.