Monday, April 16, 2012

Give your heart a break

Totally love those pictures above :p

I guess I need a new hair curler. I hate it when my hair doesn't stay in curls for a quite sometime and, it just doesn't go wavy after that. The curls only last for a wfew minutes since I feel so reluctant to spray anything on my hair. I couldn't stand sticky things all around it though. I actually expected a wavy kind of thing but, my hair just go straight after that. I need a smaller size of hair curler or maybe, I should just buy the one with all sorts of sizes. Until now, I'm still searching for it though. 

And guess what?


It have been in the same length for the pass 3 months and really, I want it to be longer so I could redye and permanent perm my hair. I'm afraid that I might look old with perms though since I have the so-called 'mature' face.Oh well, I can only think about it if my hair grows.

On Wednesday , 
Friends and I went up to KL to just look around, see around .

Oh just so you know, I'm having a 2 weeks break from college so yeah. I wanna go somewhere further though. Woke up and got dressed. Everyone was an hour late ): I spend like half an hour or so , camwhoring. From my room then to the living room and to the kitchen. 
Then , I realize that I have very bad eyebags fml.

Totally love how my eyebrows goes.

Narcissist ttm ! ~

Trust me,
I have more but some of them were too cmi to be up here. Can you see my bags + dark circles? ):

And there we go to all time favorite pavillion. 

Don't ask how people reach pavillion in 15-20 minutes. Crazy drivers. Spend sometime looking for parking though. 

All of us were mad hungry and indecisive. Settle in WongKok since nobody wants to sit at Food Republic and non of us wanted western food. I was complaining when people suggested western. I wanna eat rice so badly. But I love kimgary more compare to wongkok. I love set meals instead of individual. First , it's saving cost and second, I do not need to go through the beverage section to choose my drink because normally they only have limited choice in set meal.

And there we go.

Girls will always be girls.

It's good to have a camwhore buddy, no?

The lightning is just great. Totally love how the effect of the picture goes without editing it. I always have to edit the brightness of my pictures if not, my picture will be very blurry. I hope apple improves their front camera too.

And more pictures taken by iphone apps.

All on instagram.


Korean calls it , Selca.

Had this BBQ chicken rice with corns which tasted really good. I think the rice is too much though. Have the usual YinYong . I always order it in all this hongkong restaurants. Somehow it just taste better. Not to say , the pink tiny straw was so adorable (: :p

And there we go and walk around.

I wish I smile instead of doing the duck face. Perhaps I want to make my eyes look bigger or so. 



Xuelin came with eve and meet up with us and there we go. 

First stop was Calvin Klein and then to Armani to Zara and all sorts of shops to look around with the clothes. It's sad that Zara doesn't sell that much of dresses. The blazer caught my eye though. I totally love blazer with bright colours but I didn't buy it. I know that I will never wear it to anywhere so yeah. It was truly tempting.

And off we go to the most quiet hallway in pavillion. 

The latest season of Gucci was a disappointment. I hate how they make purple the season colour. It doesn't match with the brown at all and not to say, the design of bags are getting smaller and smaller. The purse is still pretty amazing. The guys belt are so pretty. Went into Burberry and more shops. I never had a Burberry stuff before. I wanted a bag but I think, I wouldn't use it much. I guess Burberry are more suitable for guys. It's classy.

And then we went up and saw the big sale hanging around f21. 


And I really didn't know what we do.

Got a drink from Juiceworks and walk around. Waterworks , the name it is. I think I'll give up on starbucks already. Was quite sad that I didn't went and get snowflake. Now , I'm craving for it TT

And some other pictures we took before heading for Curry Fish Head at ss19.

You have no idea how much I complain for the amount of pictures we took. SHOULD HAVE TAKEN MORE MAAAAN! SERIOUSLY TT

I need a camwhore buddy who is 24/7 in mood.

actually I ownself feel very pretty that day wtf.

awkward ttm.

Oh well,
can't wait to dress prettily with the girls next time :p

Actually I always feel I overdress and I actually tried to dig something out of my closet which is plain and nice. But then, I realized that everything was so striking and so yeah. I already bought quite a number of plain colours for college but just for college lah. I wish I have people who will dress up more including eyeliners and all. Oh well, currently..I only have a friend who does that with me but we seldom meet up ): Sigh, just can't wait to get my license and go everywhere without troubling everyone.

Till then.