Thursday, April 12, 2012

Even if the skies get rough.

I totally love the picture above. 

For the first time in my life,
I feel so knowledge-able wtf. 

I went to the court with my classmates on monday. It was just a random school trip by college and so yeah. We have to dress in formal and our skirts have to be below our knees. And so, I went and bought a new skirt. Can't believe that I have to wake up that early during college though. Reached college around 730am and there we go, by bus. Sat alone in the bus though. Forever alone level maximum. 

And reached the place around 8+ .

Putrajaya is really beautiful though. I really wish the government and make every part of Malaysia looks that way. And all the buildings there are really pretty.

Girls will always be girls, right?

attempt fail.

And once we got into the court.

They really have very nice interior design infact, I was quite fascinated about everything. But out of a sudden, I was thinking that , we paid tax to build things like that . And so, I go like..yeah, it's suppose to look THAT nice.

Toilet break.


solo pictures

and ,
Idk since when I had so many pictures. 

I have more on fb though but I'm too lazy to save everything from fb so I will just update with what I have.

loveee this pic so much.

Marcus Tung Tung.


And then, 
we went to the library which only contain books and records of pass cases. Probably the lawyers just go there to get some reference before going to the court. You don't know how we goof inside the library. The aircond is really nice. Too cold and not too hot!

love this picture alot!

tall dude


And all of us were trying to pretend . Edmund potong TT.

Finally went out after half an hour or so. 

Some books are really old and dusty. Each of them is as thick as dictionary, omg. I wonder if they have an iphone app for everything in future. Don't you think that it will make things easier? Technologies rocks.

And more shots outside.

we went into an empty court to look around.

Oh well, this is not the first time I have been to court anyways so I don't feel anything special. But the previous court , I went was way bigger and prettier. I also went to the outskirt's one though. It was filthy , small and quite old. Even the toilet bowl is stuck with all sorts of stuff, just so you know..stuff. 

Went into one of the courts and listened. 

We were ask to come out before the real case even start. Ah, it was quite annoying. I was really listening to it though. 

And we left for cafeteria and left the place around 11 or so.

Yes, just 3 hours and we headed back.

Reached college around 12 and then, have subway for lunch.

Came home and watched my movies.

I don't really remember but really, I never like mondays eventhough I'm on holiday. 

Monday blues are real.

it's thrusday already ):