Thursday, April 28, 2011

I hate this love song.

I hate this few days in a month. It shapes up my mood and determine my day. And, I can't control my emotions and get all moody in a sudden and tend to shout at people. This sucks so bad :/

It's almost 12am now and yes, I'm feeling very exhausted but I'd still wanna pour my feelings out here that I've been keeping so long. But, I do not know how to express it completely. It's so sour yet sweet, so far yet near. It's driving me nuts and I really wanna hit my head to the wall thinking bout same questions again and again. Doubting things that's the fact.

I lie on my bed with my blankets only covered up to just below my knee and hug my baby pillow on the left, staring up the ceiling and thinking. Thinking , thinking and thinking.. about you.

I'm not going to go and emo and blame him for not reading my mind or go complain that this is miserable. I do not have the rights to and I should not do that. I never try, at all.
Okay, end.

No, it doesn't make me feel better.

Oh well #nowplaying Love Song- Big Bang.