Saturday, October 9, 2010

I will climb the highest mountain , I will swim the deepest sea.

Just for you to know , final's 13 days away
and I am still here, blogging and msning.
I am really hopeless.
I feel so useless, hopeless and empty.
And I guess, my moodswing for this month
is coming and I am stressing bout the trip thing.

I feel so pressured suddenly.
I think I must settled everything by next week.
The payment and everything
and visit the hosp on tues , I guess.
Then at least start to know what's going on
in bio, sej,chem, physics,acc . OMG );

And the exam timetable is really bad.
How am I suppose to sit for finals.
I keep thinking bout the trip after it.

Ah shit, I'm hopeless.

I feel like whining bout life and stuff
but yeah, need to find a listener.

Pictures from phone.

Freaking like the skirt , can
but unfortunately, I DIDN'T BUY D:
why la );

This skirt look like my maid dress
so forget bout it but I kinda like checkers!

And school ,

Tied up my hair one of the days
and completely look different.

I just realize that my phone's battery wouldn't last.
And yeah, I am too stingy to buy the battery adapter
or whatever it is called. Ah, this phone ar (; i likey :D

And camwhore pictures in class when tch's boring.
I hid it in my pencil case. (;

during bm.

I do not like my BM teacher.
Not to say that she can't teach or anything.
I just think that she's being unfair to a
few of us throughout the class.

We may be noisy and talkative all along
but we didn't talk when she's teaching
or laughed at her when she is teaching.
She got it all wrong and now, she is having
prejudice towards us and being unfair toward us.

She smiled at other students and talk to them
but when it comes to us, she give us the face
that we're that annoying and honestly, it do
makes us feel very unfair for doing that.
And before every period starts,
she rolled her eyes at us and then,
indirectly ask us to get out of the class.

In other words ,
I think teacher should be fair by a little.

And more pictures,

during bio.

And yes , I am done.

I have got a problem now
and I do not know how to settle.

I don't like him, he's disgusting.