Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And tonight , you are mine.

Exam's is in a week time
and I am dead worried about it.

I can't believe that I'm saying this
but really, I am stress.
I tried to read books and I'll either
fell asleep , get mad or nothing goes into my head.
And, my memory is that bad till I have to
read a sentence thrice to remember it
because after a few sentences or so,
I will forget.

Medications. ish:/

I am here to take a break
and I still feel so tense and everything.

I'm skipping school tomorrow to study
but, I doubt that I will do so.

Exams :/
I can't believe that I am more stress
than PMR pfft.
And, PMR '10 is over.

and, pics from years ago.

love this tee like mad.

dig nose wtf.

runs in our blood.

And the other day,
slacking at jingle pringle's house.
And you have no idea,
how awesome the house is.

As in ,
very awesome.

look at that thing.

And fyi,
I do not edit any pictures. The colour or effect or whatever you call it is so awesome because the lightning there is way too awesome. No need go club already la, seriously.

And, I think that's all?

Hey, Prince Charming (;
You're just pointing at the right direction.

And today,
I said : Calvin's like my everything, don't insult him.
Someone said : But he doesn't even know you.
I said : It doesn't even matter.

I am not going to start to rant about this person but he gets on my nerves so much. I hate being nice to him because every word that came out from his filthy mouth disgust me, turning a big round to hurt my feelings. Being straight forward and so call 'real' in front of people isn't gonna make you any cooler or better , you will just end up being lonely and friendless.
No, not mad but just being defensive for my dignity and my feelings.

Right, Cal?(:
(p.s I'm crazy)

Look at those two pictures above.
And now start to wonder ,
How could his smile just strike into my heart and warm it up?

Oh, Prince Charming.
Can you return my heart and give me back my conscious?

CalvinChenYiRu (;