Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Was being really lazy last few days.
After I got Lucifer, I'm so into it
till I forget that I actually still have my
camera. Oh well, but now I'm back here.
I couldn't stand the post before this.
I keep emofying my blog and it's disgusting.

I feel like changing my blogskin tho
but I do not know how and am too lazy to.
I don't feel like making it too complicated.
Like it simple and easy to manage.

And yes, I bought Lucifer(; a pink cover.

I thought it was nice at first but now,
I think it's ugly and it frigging cost me
68 bucks for that. Or maybe, I should
just go pasar malam to get a cheaplak one
so that I can change everytime.
Can also match it with my shirt O.O coool :D

Okay, this was on saturday
when my mum and aunt woke me up
around errrr ,830am to follow them
to somewhere and so yeah, I followed.

They brought me to Solaris at Mont Kiara.
Then, they went into Digi shop and shoo,
yeah they come my Luciferbaby(;

Didn't expect that at first but yeaah.
Very happy, excited or whatever words
you can describe with :p and sho,
I patiently wait for like an hour or so.

We were kinda early since they just opened.

yes, I wanted 32gb one.

And we're the fifth one?

look at that freaking stone face! AHH D:


And if I know they have the camera there,
I would put pose or maybe do a better face
expression. That picture cmi, can die k.

They took the picture incase anyone cut line.

In that hour, I walked around there
to the Canon shop.

Well, that's where I last see Fahrenheit
promoting the camera and there's where
Cal say Hi and smile to me . HAHAHAHAH :D
Yeah, I know he do that to everyone
but who cares la, as long as that time he's
looking at me, only me.

Yes, I am crazy D;

After an hour or waitttting.

I finally see it then they have to put in
the sim card and stuff.
They took half an hour.
Damn noob,can.

it's in my hands :D

And that's the time I say,
I love my dad very much :D

Went over to Jingle's house
and then come home.
Cos, I was late then all of them
go home and stuff.

Then to bak kut teh.

After back kut teh,
come home and play with Lucifer.

Then out for Chen Zhen, with specs.

And the movie's awesome.

I forget the date but yeah,
dinner pictures .

my hair's weird.

And fyi, it's their daddy's birthday not theirs.

twins (Y)

Yes, we're sisters.
We both love cameras , alot.
I didn't force her k!

the elder one :D

And before I go off to my homework,

Best picture of the night!

aweeeesome :D


p.s I still think of you at least five minutes a day.