Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unforgetable .

Read ;

1. Cheer started ytd and it was okay.
2. After cheer , few of us went for LRT then KTM for transport to somewhere.
3. Went Ashley's condo to surprise her but it kinda fail.
4. Have alot of fun at her place, then stay over at xiuming's
5. Cheer's finals held on today.
6. Every team performed well especially Cyrens.
7. So, they brought the trophy home today.
8. Sriklian feel extra proud to be a sriklian.
9. I feel so tired today.
10. I got a bad headache , flu and slight fever.
11. I can't speak properly and my daddy laughed at me :/
12. I wanna talk but I can't.
13. Hence, Life's so sad.

I am gonna emo at some corner now because i need to talk D:

Oh wait.

the pic above is cheat one! LOL.