Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cries in Distance.

Time flies and tomorrow is friday again.
How fast ? :o

I know I am abit late for this post.
Well, I have an outing with FongKhei & Yuhung on sunday.
I know it is very late but still, haha.

Well, I always camwhore like that when I'm in form one or two but now, I don't anymore.
Maybe, it's not the trend anymore?

Meet up with both of them at starbucks
then headed to italinnies for lunch.

fongkhei's fingers.

Lunch was all good and then we went for shoe hunting
as I wanna get a new pair of new heels or so.
We went to TSC, MOD and stuff
and we couldn't find any nice ones.
It's either too high or out of size.
Life's so sad , eh .

Nose's big mirror ftw!
Ftw is For the win , btw.

And really, end up getting no shoes.
I asked for money just to get shoes
but I get no shoes and I'm sad );

Idk why , we end up at full house
and I found this very white and feminine dress.
Someone was holding it so I was like pretending
to look at the accessories and then , in my mind.
I was like hoping her to put it back and then,
I stared at her like mad and so , she put it down.

I was like YAY-ing inside
and I told fongkhei that and she was like -.-

So , I took it and try.
Well, couldn't wait.

I know the background is awesome.
Shopping in fullhouse is good.
And their clothes cost a bomb D:

And guess what ,
after hesitating for a quite sometime.

bought it.

And that thin piece of cloth is 90bucks.
OMG D: so exp!

So, we headed to A&W and stoned there.
Around 420pm, headed to the cinema for ToyStory2.

I don't think the movie is nice.
I think , it's boring.
Pratically, not my type of movie.
Oh well.

Yuhung left half way .

And straight after movie,

I went to fongkhei's house.

And her house is just too awesome.
It's like it's meant for camwhoring.
If I don't camwhore , I feel so sad for myself pft.

And the moment , I went in :D


And I went up ,

Then we went down again , :D

Her brother's cute btw :D

Fav pic! Like Xthousand!

and after that , we walked to taipan for dinner.
And you have no idea how big Taipan is.
We walked for a quite sometime
and then settled down at BBQ Chicken,
some korean fried chicken restaurant.

Well, before the food is served.

Self timer :D

With flash
and now, without flash.

Aw, so decent!


And she was with the same expression
because she didn't know that camera is taking.

Okay, I'm done .
And that day was awesome! :D


p.s no fouls .