Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am still sick and I think I might getting fever soon );
I have piles and piles of work to be completed
and I have no idea how to do esp accounts and add maths.
And really, I feel so screwed up.

Well ,
I guess that's just meant to be
which is flunking my papers for my exam which
is like a week later or so ? D:

*sniff sniff*
I have running nose );

Oh ,
before I continue.

and my card sucks );

I spent a few hours painting her card
and I was like ,'aiya can la sure like one la'
but this morning when I saw Xiuming's card,
I went , "it's okay already" D:

But still , she like it.

This is one of my updates which is dk how long ago
which all of us , as in the classmates and the close friends
gather together at one place and hang out and stuff.
I never feel so loved and contented after so long.
I like it when everyone is around and see a total stranger
began to approach to each other and click well.
I was really happy
and so ,
when's the next ? :D

Forget the date tho .

high waist skirt ! :D
but many think it's weird.

Went to starbucks at ss15 since my ahma was carving for one
so I went down and brought her a cup of javachip
then, she dropped me somewhere near there
and waited for my friends since we planned to have
lunch together - gether :D

fail smile , fail camwhore.

Headed to AC for lunch , sat at the open aired
and really , I was complaining that it was really hot.
OMG D: Life's just so sad when there's no aircond.

Since the weather is so hot ,
we decided to get ice cream so we headed to Baskin Robins.
It's really awesome to have ice cream shop near school .

Settled down and met a few friends there
and start to bond hahahah :D

Pictures do the talking , can ?

Group pics.

And start all camwhorings since the aircond was awesome.

fongkhei :D awesome (;


ze classmates.



and there goes , self timer.

other than me and mingli in the middle , the other two at each side of us LOL :D


Cyn AND Leaw (;

Xiuming joined.

Maha joined.

rockstar !


Dont ask why we camwhore so kao in BR.

The mood just strikes and yesh , it's awesome
camwhoring with lots of people.

Camwhoring alone is just sad , sometimes.

Walked around ss15

And that sums up my day, I guess.

This have been a long time ago
and I can barely remember anything about it tho.

And I guess ,
this update is kinda 'complete' right ?

Sometimes ,
life just couldn't go the way we want it to me
and always have ups and downs in everything
we have been through , agree?
But ,
I don't get it why people wanna hurt someone else
indirectly and without caring about other people's feelings?
And ,
when people treat them back the same ,
they complained.
It's so unfair );

Life's so sad ,
don't you think so?


p.s Miss you.
p.p.s I need someone .
p.p.p.s And, i just find out the worst thing ever.

sigh ,
but what can we do about it? pft.