Monday, July 12, 2010

One better day ?

Sorry for not blogging lately. Pictures from Cheer 2010 is not ready yet. I need to resize and get pictures from people from facebook , and so be patient.

I am an emo now );

I have no idea why too. I just feel sad in a sudden and trying to lie to myself that I am not.I'm so pathetic , because I am not sure what am I feeling inside me. I used to just spit out everything from my mind and heart but now, it seems like it's so hard to just say a word to have anything to do with my feelings. And I feel so sick , the flu doesn't get any better and I guess I will be having a fever soon enough. Oh, why is life so sad ):

I have so much to update about but unfortunately , I do not have time and do you know that exam is in next 2 weeks time ! I don't even have the mood to touch my book and really, I don't wanna flunk any papers.

Ohmygod ,
I guess I really sound like dead person. I seem to be so negative and I hate spending time with people around sometime. Somehow, I find it irritating. I get so angry when someone do not listen to me when I am talking. Sometimes , I do cry in my dreams and find out that my pillow or blanket is wet. I always think negatively and do not like to text or msn anyone anymore. I feel tired 24/7 to even lift up my lips. I wanna spend sometime alone , most of the time.

Mygod ,
what's wrong with me ?! );