Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nothing on you.

Missed me ?

I hope you do tho (;

I just fixed my emotions and I'm doing all fine.
Being emo or crying doesn't help anything
and of course , it doesn't suit me at all.
I just got over the feeling of it , harhar
and I guess it won't come back unless I pms pfft.

Sigh :/
Exam is this saturday and I'm so lost now.

I wasn't in school for about like 2 weeks
due to some particular reasons and,
I have miss so many classes .
I'm so screwed now ); I do not know anything.
And no, I am not going all being sarcastic.

I have no idea what is happening in accounts,
add maths , maths , BM , chem , physics and bio.
And tomorrow I have sej quiz and I still don't
bother to touch my book and rather spend my
time here blogging , like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat -.-
I guess I should just study tomorrow :D
Okay yeah , I always say that LOL HAHA.

I have stacks of add maths tuition homework to do
and now it's lying infront of me with my pen.
Out of 7 pages , I only did 4 questions -.-
Good job , Carmen and you're officially hopeless );

I bought new school uniform :D:D:D
okay , don't ask but yeah ..
buying things makes me happy.
eventhough i bought it in school . pft

And Donniena is love (;(;

These pictures were taken like , err 2 weeks ago.
I was too lazy to transfer so yeah .

And now , I have so many camwhore pictures to transfer
but I am so lazy . Well, maybe after exam or something.
Ah , maybe this will be the last post before exam's over.
Yes, MAYBE . take note, MAYBE.

Okay , nevermind.

Well , Pictures below were from XiuMing's party
and an outing we had with her during her bday.
And it was like one or two weeks ago.
Ah whatever la. Better late than never riggght?! (;

Not much pictures anyway
because all I have here is from my camera.
Too lazy to save and copy and whatever la.
So too bad , live with it xp

Okay I shall stop saying all that lah.
It's getting annoying .

where's the likey button? :D


Primary school mate class mate or whatever!

You don't have to be that kepo to turn it around , it looks good like that .

We're awesome in floral pft.

Shiny Ning (;

This hottie again !


Best picture ever !
don't you agree? SHO CUTE!

AW (;

After the party ,
we went to school for concert .
We skipped our dinner .
Who knows the next day , i went hosp
and lie on that bed for like dk how many days.

Get my ass out of that place on thrusday night.
Then went to school on fri at 950 or so -.-
Don't ask why I go although I have 2 or 3 hours of school left.
Felt like extremely great when everyone was so happy
that I am back ! Eh, not perasan okay! I saw the smile
and heard the HELLOs xD

Okay I shall shaddap.

After school, everyone camped at my house.
Got ready and headed to WongKok and pyramid
for big teh Ais and we hanged out a little.
Well , I forget . Short term so yeah

Camwhore with sissy (;

Chloe Lim Kah Qi , in wongkok.

Okay I am done.

and boys , take note

Well, you boys should just understand
some girls language okay .

Till then (;
I need to go to bed nao!

Before that ,

I look like a mummy here pft );

and ,

I love my sister alot,
and she should just know about this and not to fight back with me when she grow up.

I may seem to whine alot when I need to take care of her
but really,
I enjoyed every moment of it .

Her innocence GMH .