Friday, April 3, 2015

Owl Espresso.

Whenever I have a rough day or am battling with my moodswings, I always find solution to cure them before I let it out on people. I used to have super bad temper back then. I was really impatient and easily offended due to my insecurities. However, as I aged ( I am still young) , I find myself getting better at this. 

There is always a solution to make myself feel better. One of them is definitely ,

Well, I like it sweet and cold 
* insert huskier voice that I own* 

I've came across to Owl Espresso located at SS15 which is famous with their coffee bingsu. This would be my perfect combination of ice. Also, they are open till late night so I head over to cure my sweet tooth.

Besides of their bingsu, they are famous with their own very speciality french toast and also, coffee. 
Well, I like how the combination goes. 

Our order for the night. 

Milk Pat.

Their  shaved ice are made from milk, so just the ice alone already taste good. I chose Milk Pat over their signature Injoelmi because I love red beans. Injeolmi is the Korean rice cake , which is the two cubes on top of my yummy bingsu. The yellow powder is made from yellow bean , which I am sure that they did not play foul in their ingredients. I love this bingsu a lot, even if it gets a little messy when I start to dig into this bowl of goodness. 

Regular at RM 13 / Large at RM 23

Caffe Affogato 

This is the coffee bingsu I've mentioned earlier. It taste like the cold shaved ice version of Cappucino. I swear that the whole combination were on point. I love how the bitterness of the espresso blend in with the milk and vanilla ice cream. They also have rice cake hidden instead which top up to the five star perfection rating. For caffeine addicts, this is definitely going to be your favourite in Owl Espresso.

Regular - RM14
Large - RM24

Now, we will pour the espresso all over ! 

oh god.

This scene looks completely perfect. 

And lastly, 
their french toast which I insist to order -

Ice Cream French Toast , with Yuja Fruits at RM 13

French Toast sprinkle with yellow bean powder, with bananas and nuts.  Coming with a scoop of icecream with fruits. Their ingredients are definitely premium , with kiwi, grapes and strawberries. They also sprinkle a little nuts on top of the ice cream. 

I think this is one of the simplest things that make me happy, even if I will definitely walk out with guilt afterwards. Definitely worth every calorie you've indulge. 

I can't wait to explore more around ss15.