Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can't you see the look in my eyes.

I went out ytd to Sunway Pyramid with a huge bunch of people. Yes, it's like ten people or more.

I really do not like big outings. I don't get to talk to everyone and also, there will be alot of awkward moments because all of us is in a different conversation. I only like dinners with alot of people, like having 30 people in a same long table. It's just too cool, wtf.

Reached around 1230pm and met up with the ze favorite baby twins (: 

We have McD for lunch since I have been craving since two days ago. Plus, it's really cheap. Still can't believe that I only spent 6 bucks for lunch. Lunch normally cost a bomb for me.

Got movie tickets for Petaling Street Warriors.

Yeah, I have watched it before but trust me the movie is really worth the money.

we headed to Starbucks to spend the rest of the time. Have really good catch up session.

Lisa's specs.

I totally love it :p

Weichanchanchanchan -.-

See my hair colour muahahahahahahahha.


And there we go for movie.

Had a very very good the movie. Omg, I totally love local and singaporean productions.

Toilet break!


I like this picture so much!

And then ,
we headed to our favorite YUEN steamboat for dins.

At the same time,
we give our weichanx4 her birthday surprise.

Oh well,
spending birthday with boyf and friends is one of the best thing ever.

Happy Birthday , WeiChan.
I love you (: