Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My superman.

I am a spoil brat. I never respected anyone, I never cared about people's feelings and also, I never put myself in other people's shoes. I never even care about the circumstances that people have to been through because of what I freaking want. I only care about myself, I only care about how I want things to be, I only care about things going into my way. I never cared about other people, at all.

I hurt everybody around me like crazy. I never even try to consider people's feelings before doing anything or saying anything. I only protect my own and only care for myself so that I won't get hurt. I've hurt so many people and now, I even hurt the closest of my life.

I hurt my Dad.

I can't believe I totally hurt his feelings. It kills me a hundred time more when my grandma told me that he is hurt , is disappointed of me. He loves me so much and that's how I repay him by breaking his heart. I'm the worst daughter ever. I never even apologize to him after so many days. Infact I only care about my feelings since he said things that hurt me and ignored his.

I am feeling totally like a piece of shit now.

I never deserved to be your daughter. I'm sick, arrogant , bad-tempered and disrespectful. How could you even tolerate with me for freaking 17 years?

I want to make it up to him now...

I love you, Daddy.

Please come home soon...

I'm waiting for you, at home...

your useless and hopeless daughter.