Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My heart is a stereo.

I have been really busy lately though. Too many outings . I wanted to stay at home these few days but I still went out ;/ Sales is on, baybeh! (: I hope all of you have grabbed all the christmas goodies.

After staying at home alone pathetically during Christmas eve, I went to Shawnam's Christmas BBQ party at his crib. I thought it would be a sweaty stinky thing but thankgod, there are some cold breeze blowing through. Plus, all the food was good. I am never a good cook so yeah. I'm glad that the boys had made me quite a yummy dinner. Oh well, at least it's cooked right? Actually.. there are only 4 girls there but well, nothing changes. It was okay.

After dinner, most of us gather into groups and then, talk about the olden days. wtf, sound so old eh? We just talked about primary times and also, those old stupid times that we had together. Didn't touch any alcoholic drinks that day.

I don't think anyone wants to see how am I when I'm drunk.

I don't know what I will do actually but the way my friends describe me makes me sound like a monster , a very annoying one. I hate the way they remind me about how bad I am acting when I'm drunk. 
Gosh, it's beyond crazy. 

And we moved into indoors and starts to take picture.

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Believe or not?

During standard 6 times, the four of us is actually in a group. It's so good that we are all still so close and still keep in touch. I totally love the picture above. We still look so close and ever. And the two boys still never even change a bit. It's good that people don't change as time pass. 

I hope that we still could keep in touch after college or uni.

To talk about that, 
we are starting college in a week time.

I haven't really go for a holiday yet :/

Kah Ming and I.


I was a little bored when everyone when separately. Some of them went for mahjong, poker and ciggy breaks. I just sat down with a few of them and watched , Canon the barbarian. The sex scene made everyone of them stop to watch it and when it's over, they're back to what they are doing. Fascinating, no? (:

Some vain pictures of us.

the girls that went.

And after the barbarian show, 
I walked around the house aimlessly without having anything to do.

Philippe invited me over to see how poker works and I went there. I watched for like ten minutes and I don't even know what is going on. I only know that it involves alot of money. If I know how it works, I would play it with a few bucks only but these guys played with a few hundred bucks one time. Crazy. 

with that amount of money, I might buy few more dresses already. 

Omg, I have been so stingy lately.

I went home around 11pm. 

Don't ask me why I was early.

I can't believe I turned down the offer to go overtime with KahMing, Gary and Maha. 

Oh well,
it was a nice day! (;