Saturday, December 17, 2011


Quite a number of people rushed me to update about prom. You can't blame me for being late. I snap much pictures with my camera so I'll have to wait for other people to tag me so yeah. The picture quality was nice but I totally look like crap in some pictures :/

Woke up around 9am and grabbed a light breakfast , lazed around and watch some tv. I headed to the saloon around 12pm. I fell asleep when they were straightening my hair. I was really really sleepy and I have no idea why. When I'm up from my nap, My hair is still not done. I have no idea why they do it for like 2 hours plus and I think it's normal, wtf.

I was so stingy that I do my own make up. Plus, I really do not have time though. I start my make up around 4pm and everyone reach my house around 5.30pm which is like so early. 

oh well.

Not posing, I swear.

Two of the boys shower at my house and yeah, we got more time to camwhore. I totally like the lightning in my room.

And we left the house around 6pm.

Thank god that the traffic wasn't that bad.

I love that ring ! :p

Went up to the hotel room to put things and sit for awhile. We are suppose to be there by 7pm but we went down around 745pm and not much people reached. Probably everyone is late, haha. Then it comes, the taking pictures session. 


preschool buddies.

the fake tattoo that costed 25bucks!



I like how the colour goes.

Twins and ming.

*breathe in*

Bernice so pretty.

Like button.

And the picture below is one of the best picture I have taken of the night.


I like how happy both of us look!

used to be.

Missing ZhiWei here.

The dinner starts approximately 830pm.

Was having some troubles with the tables at first but end up, it went all good. 

The dinner is in western style The bread is nice, I ate two without butter or whatever they gave. The atmosphere was overall romantic since it's so dark and there are a few candles in the middle table. Candle-light dinner, lol. And they only light up two so I light up the rest of the candle. I didn't really like the mushroom soup though, it was too creamy. The main dish was disappointing until I ate the mash potatoes at the bottom. So, it was good! 

I'm never a chocolate lover so the chocolate cake desert is definitely not my favorite. 

Oh well, 
I like the mash potato under the fishes wtf, and the mushrooms too.

K , I'm weird.

I totally love how the MC make the situation so funny and relaxed. The way they choose the prom king and queen was good. I never even feel bored for a second. I wish they had made they choosing time last longer though.

And this year,
they have the best mask nomination thingy too.

It was good, seriously good.

And then, 
they have this slow dance moment.

I am #foreveralone so I walked out and hanged out with a few friends but I guess, the slow dance moment was good.They said it was too short. I had good moments too, even though it's outside the hall.

And the studio photo taking time!

love button!

Overall , prom was good!

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. Of course , I see a few people who wasn't satisfied with it but really, the performance was okay and the total ambiance was nice.

I stayed over at prince hotel that night.

Almost KOed at Overtime but afterall it was a great night.

Oh well,
last day of highschool was really good and meaningful.

Everything that happened that night was a surprise.

Time machine, anyone?