Saturday, December 3, 2011


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Hello , I have 5 days more to my est paper which I think it's still far away and so I will just update what I have been doing these few days.Other than that, I finally transfer picture from my phone. Oh well, iphone is seriously very important to me now. It's how I keep in touch with the outside world without my comp.

Smart phone ftw.

And when I was so stress about BM the other day, I did facial masque and this nose masque thing. I really have a very terrible blackhead problem tho.

15 minutes was long,

Oh well,
I'm really vainer than you think.

November 25 , 2011

This outing was last week , friday I think.

Just the four of us. Mingli, Sook, Bitch and I to the usual place, which is redbox. I have been wanting to go to karaoke for a quite sometime already but then, I am in uniform every freaking single time ):

Oh well,
we had fun.

THERE'S MONALISA IN REDBOX * fangirl screaaaam*

Headed to the new cafe-like place for lunch which is located right beside kimgary. The old place where cocobanana was at. I took the buffet pizza thing which is only 15bucks per person. The others ordered stuff which cost a bomb.

I don't get how a piece of bread and sauce costed 17bucks -.-

Oh well,
it's just once and for all.

Sook and I.

3 hours of redbox was crazy. We walked around and then left home quite early since the three of us have things to do.

In the car!

It was a great day, indeed.

And on the same night,

Le famalia and I headed out for supper!

love this.

This is the younger twin (:

And Dad drove me to SS15, just for


Soya Ice Series Set 4 , add taroballs and taro!


December 1 , 2011

A day out with weichanx4 .

She is probably enjoying her holiday at aussie now while I'm still pathetically sitting her and stone my ass off.

We had kimgary for lunch.

Watched Arthur Christmas with her and it was kind of boring in the middle.

And dinner at italiannies around 730pm.

We sat there around two hours, I swear and drank 4-5 cups of ice lemon tea. Since it's so expensive so we kiasu and keep refilling.

The dinner was too much. We almost died.

we ordered one pizza and my all time favorite salmon fettuccine.

matching cotton on slippers!

And she left around 930pm.

Xuelin fetched me around there and we went to pavillion. Got movie tickets for Petaling Street Warriors and then headed to Al-Amar at Bukit Bintang street for shisha. It've been long.

I reached home around 330 in the morning and thought I might get screwed.

But I'm safe.

Oh well,
honesty is the best policy!

I'm going down for dins now.

Let me end with a favorite picture of me and Weichanx4 of the day.

Have a safe flight there, weichanchanchanchan!