Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bang Bang Bang .

Annyeonghasaeyo (;

Grabbed a few pictures from fb and here I come. I'm currently uploading JiHoon's picture on fb nao and seriously, I took alot of shots. Most of them were actually blur, wtff. I jumped like most of the time so picture quality can just go lick the floor nao D:

I'm gonna update bout Yuhung's party at his crib last saturday, a day before I had rainism the whole night at sepang ngehehe (;

I miss contact lenses so much.

My spec's lens is so thick wtff.

vain , can die.

Reached round , 630pm


was the last one pft.

love this a lot


The party was overall okay.

Karaoke and stuff.

I enjoyed myself.

I got back round 11 something and then straight jump into my bed then try to go to sleep. I can't sleep cos the next day, I'm like seeing Rain in live? I've been so excited the whole night and ended up closing my eyes round 3am.

Next post ,

Chocolate abs attack :D
*dream lah, it's malaysia -.-*