Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Yeah.

I'm leaving to bangkok at night tomorrow and I haven't sort my things out yet. Need to grab alot of things later , perhaps. I'm so lazy :/ Went over to the stadium today and got sunburn -.-

Life _l_

Why must I get sunburn before bangkok , like wtfbbq.

Thrusday was a holiday .

Went over to school and suppose to have training but ended up having McD, hang out at Ac then to pyramid.

pale -.-

Have lunch at kimgary's and then walked around, hang out at the joint. Shisha-ad after 5 months. Got choked then karaoke fill with korean songs. I'm very into korean songs lately tho (;

toilet breaks.

Got home by 7pm and got ready for school on the next day which is friday.

Usual routine on fridays.

Eat lunch, snowflake , bondings and then get home round 4-5pm.

And then ,

On saturday,

Went out for Shihning's birthday celebration. Just a normal group outing but had a good day indeed. Wish this could happen more often.

Shogun for lunch.

camwhore :D

dslr ftwwwww (;

Watched a singaporean movie and it's good (Y). I love it so much, mg (;

After movies , walk around then nando's for dinner.

toilet breaks.

I realise I don't smile on pictures anymore wtff. Or my smile cmi.

Got home round ten at night.

My face feels so hot. I should put on a masque now. And , I need to pack.

Proud to be a yelloooow! (;