Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How do feel, make some noise .

And yes,
finally I'm blogging the day I had rainism a million times in sepang with Jihoon .

It's like a week ago thing but oh well, I'm not getting over it.

I'd never really like to call him , Rain. I preferred Jihoon instead. If you dk , his real name is Jeong Ji Hoon. But, if I mention him as Jihoon , noone knows him wtff.
and also,
If I say something like 'I love Rain' , they start being annoying and say bout rain, as in the rain, pouring rain. wtf, like seriously.

I don't know why my heart is beating so fast right now. Probably, it's because I keep recalling back bout what happened. I just couldn't get over it. Somebody slap me .

Let's start nao.


I woke up round 9am. I was so tired as I sleep at 3am.I was so nervous and excited at the same time. Shit, I sound like I'm getting married but oh well, I hop to the bed at 12am and then start thinking bout him and imagining stuffs. After that, I couldn't go to sleep -.-

Got showered , browse through his picture and then start screaming INSIDE my heart. If I screamed out loud, I think my house will just collapsed -.-

Leave the house round 1pm or so.

I was probably skipping in my heart because I can't do so in reality. My dad will think I'm crazy .

the ticket.

I see my name :D:D

Just see the total amount. It's only like 203 bucks for a ticket. It's so freaking cheap , can.

The jam was so terrible but luckily I've burn a cd for my daddy's car & thus, I already have my warm up before having rainism. :p Okay, it might sound wrong but oh well :D:D:D:D
the big banner :D

close up.

You just have no idea how much I love seeing this. I wanna bring it back home, mg.

I guess if there's no jam, the entrance is only like five minutes or less away. Was stuck in the car for more than fifteen minutes due to the traffic.


Changed to contact lens then.

It'll be more convenient. I can't imagining be jumping and sweating at the same time with specs.I think I might just slip my specs away without noticing it.

the entrance.

So as we were walking towards the entrance , we heard the music playing. And the first thing that goes into my mind is , SHIT IS HE HAVING REHEARSAL NAO? so I speak out my mind to her but she seems like not believing me.

So we just continue walking towards the entrance because it's quite far, I zoomed in when I was taking the picture. The singing is like live and the breathing sound and everything. I really THINK that it's live because I've been to his concert before, it sound exactly the same so I speak out my mind again. Both of us was like arguing while walking towards the entrance.

out of no where..


The epic moment when we turned towards each other and go OH MY GOD and run towards the entrance as if we're chase by a tiger. And peek inside and I swear, he's in there. He's in there.

And again ,
he start talking and giggling .

And it stopped like fifteen minutes later.

For a moment, I feel so lucky ngegehehe. So after he went (since there's no noise so I assume he went) , we start to look around and realise there's noone. So we're the first and it's only 3pm -.- Ah, so early since the concert is like 9pm . asddgff;ljfl;fjfgj;fj asss D:

So,we have no choice but to entertain ourselves by talking to the security guard , eat and drink.

Round 430pm, we lined up at the zone B session.Basically there's only one zone B. Too many zone A and zone C.

After awhile, it start to rain.

Like seriously,
Rain power -.-

raining still couldn't wash the feeling of rainism awaaay :D

Around 530pm, we finally got in.

The stage was kinda far away so yeah,it took us quite a long time. They gave out free tshirts and stuff. Shit, so worth it.

And time have been passing so slow.

I can only feel the numbness of my leg and those mosquitoes all around me. There are ants too like wtf. Plus, the floor is feel with stones. Ah , so uncomfortable.

got bitten by red ant. I scratch it real hard.

And then,

i was sweating like crazy .


we were so bored you know.

And finally it's 8pm.

The DJ stop playing the music and there's some fashion show thing show on the screen.

Oh yes baby.

end up some woman came out and talk bout some model thing and there's a mini fashion show going on and finally, it end after half an hour.

So I thought,

another 3 weird fella came out and sing == potong to the max. There's this one malay girl behind me got so frustrated and keep shouting ' CEPAT LA BANG, NAK HUJAN!' I burst out laughing.



Wait for like ten minutes and some thing was show on the screen for like ten minutes. You have no idea how frustrated and excited I feel inside. it's so complicated. I really hate it when he keep us anticipating. It's so annoying. It's like , EH BITCH .COME OUT NAO!

And finally..

I seee something like




And that , this hot body figure walk down the stage.


And guess whaaaaat?

He was just right infront of me. As in, INFRONT OF ME. Perhaps maybe er , 100cm? Stupid fence blocking if not I'll just run up the stage and rape him alive there . wtfff so hot, i wanna dai!


I just couldn't stop snapping those pic.

I didn't look at the camera screen while snapping the pics. I was looking at him and just simply spam those pics by clicking the button.

I don't even wanna waste a second by looking at other places.


And finally favorite part of the song

I'll make it rainism , the ranism .



spam more pics!






And finally, he sing one of the song from Rainism which I totally forget the name. I scream the loudest here. Not because I'm excited, it's because I'm so mad ! Ish, stupid bitches. Get away from him.

he's sweating :D



point where , point where . POINT ME PLS TT

And after 3 songs, he finally rest. Took a sip of water and get the towel from the stage. I was like so excited cos I know that he's gonna throw the towel.

He wiped his face and then his neck, then his...hand *screams* OMG SO HOT TT

then this dorky fella walk to the left side of the stage (his left) and goes like,

should I ?

to his armpit.

I was like WIPE WIPE WIPE but he didn't do it. then he go to the right side of the stage and did the same thing .

He seriously never change.

This is so totally a Rain thing .


Jeng Jeng Jeng.

The fifth song , he went and sat down. It's like on the left diagonal towards me. If my hand is long enough, I guess I can already touch him. Stupid short hand. And the moment , he sit down. it's our time to shine hahahahah :D

I did the heartshape thing on my head, and that boy look over my side and smiled.

Inside I was like " IS IT ME IS IT ME IS IT ME"
but then I go like ," shit dont perasan"

But he was still looking at my side and smile so I waved and go like " OPPAAA HAAAAAAAAAAI" . I swear I was so loud. I'm really loud -.- after a second , he smile even wider and waved "HAAAAI".

My heart stopped for a moment. It really do. I can't even breathe, I might just faint anytime.

I stunned for a second and then go like ," OMFG THE PERSON WHOM I ALWAYS SEEN ON TV IS SAYING HI TO ME, IM GONNA DAI NAO!!! " in my head. But like seriously, it's RAIN! The person inside Ninja Assassin , Full House , Fugitive and the one whom I see through the screen is saying Hi to me. I never even expect this. His smile just strike a arrow into my heart. Cupid attacked me with that :D

You have no idea how much I want to run up the stage and go like , OMG BE MINE. Or rape him or something.

Heart beat extra fast .

p.s sorry to potong.You realise I didn't blog bout the time I went for Fahrenheit's? He broke my heart pfft so rain took over LOR. CAL isssh :/

And that feeling make me feel so crazy.

Turn me ON like mad , can (Y)

Otw to rainism :p

mad loveeee .

How to avoid the sun?

And then he went backstage and change clothes tho. Love Story's mini vid is played on the screen and we( as in the fans) is so into it.

There's a part when rain's crying, everyone go like ULJIMA TT , means don't cry. We were so united and go like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when he kiss the girl..in the video of course. He kiss on stage, I'll be the first one who run up the stage and stab her man!

And then,
his guitarist played rasa sayang , we sang along.

He then came out with the white suit. Oh hot damn :D:D:D

He then taught us a dance to match with the song 'with u'. Ah, this boy is so awesome. He even spend like fifteen minutes teaching us cos none of us was doing it well.

Only the middle area was doing it and the back wasn't because I guess they probably thought that they will be neglected. So he point at the back and go like , " that side come on!" and the fans at the back was like screaming their lungs out and finally dance.

So I followed him , I mean like whatever he's doing like mad cos I was so high and I have no idea what was I doing. Suddenly he look towards my side and point ," You're doing good" . Yes, he IS pointing at me! His finger is directly to my nose omg :D:D

When that happen , I shout even louder.

Then there's two girls standing infront of me turned to me and give me a evil stare. I was kinda freak out. From " OPPPPAAAAAAAAAAA" to "op op op op oppa..zz" kind of thing.


then all time best song , Fresh Woman was performed :p

heeeey :D

He was talking to us. He was like " do you have fun" then he did this thing.

He goes back stage again wtff );

And come back out alone.

He sing one like from hip song and everyone go like HIP SONG HIP SONG HIP SONG. SHIT, HIP SONG so nice, his Hip also very nice :p

and the highlighted part ;p


sexy righhht :D

then it's love story.

omfg. I did the heart thingy and go OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAA!!!~~~~ !

HE LOOKED AT ME AND SING MG. While I'm looking in his eyes, I was shouting : HE'S LOOKING AT ME HE'S LOOKING AT ME! After two lines which was around 5 seconds, he looked away. I wanna die ); WHY LOOK AWAY!

Or maybe I was being perasan but who cares, as long as I feel better :D

So obvious already.

love song!

Aw , oppa.

Calm down, oppa


Then we say it's the last song ); after that, we just went back stage. They showed us a documentary of him tho. Ah , so heartbreaking );

And finally he came back out and go like ,



After 3 songs , he said thank you.

All his dancers went off first while he's still on the stage. I love how he keeps us feeling like he doesn't wanna leave when I know he wants to. He look so exhausted.

Since he can't strip then he just have to show us his sexy wave with the door before he left.

And then,

He left );



It's only 200bucks man :p:p:p

start humming : dubap dubap dubap :D

the after concert pics.

And ,




I love you , oppa. Thanks for bringing Mblaq up , too :)

Second time of seeing you live , mg. this is so awesome. Bring Mblaq next time. I wanna see G.O (;


P.s i miss rain );