Saturday, November 20, 2010

You'll always be my hero eventhough you have lost your mind.

Currently playing in my itunes ; 心疼你的心疼 by 飞轮海

I can never get enough of this song.
So emo but not emo. The melody is awesome.

Don't ask me what happened already.
I'm so lazy to just discuss or tell about it.
But still, I couldn't get over it!
Ish #@%@%@#^#$&#$&#&$

I'm here to blog about last day of school.
And omg, I can't believe I'm form 5 next year.
I feel like going back to form 2
and then, stay there forever .

Suddenly, I think college is scary for me.
In other words, I don't feel like growing up yet.

Thrusday , Nov 18 '10

Good morning.

It's the last day of school..

emo, can die );

As usual,
go to school and then talked and craps.
Camwhored like crazy since it's the last day.

Pictures from fb.
I'm just posting a few because I'm too lazy
to save everything shooo yeah.

hweeee shaaaan :D

like !

OMG. You really have no idea how much I love this picture.

she was forced too.

Ah this one willing one.

like like! Donniena!


And then we played games.
Truth or Dare.

And the day passed real fast.

Have group hug at the end of the day.
And the girls starts to molest each other.
Ah , well.. ahahah -.-

Friday, Nov 19 '10

The original plan was suppose to watch Titanic together
but plan failed.

Got complained that I always wear same skirt.

Oh well,
*super defensive*

And then, we went to taipan.

Headed to starbucks ,
sit for awhile then walk around the boutique around.
Spent again. Bought a pants then back to fongkheikhei's house.
Painted her nails yellow.

Hang out , gossip , talk and yada yada.

doodle jump on ipad rocks :D

Back home around ten.

Today to Aeon Bukit Tinggi.
120bucks burnt for new purse.

I think,
I should just stop spending D: