Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Because you look like an angel to me ;

And so,
Final's over?

And those papers almost got me killed but yeah, it's over so no use crying over a spill milk, no? Well, to be honest. Life is so much better after exams. Okay, It's just few hours after exams but yeah, it feels good. The feeling's awesome when the clock tick at the time that we should end. I've not been blogging for a quite sometime and so yeah, I'm kinda out of words to say now.
But there's a word that I could describe how I feel ,

Yes, I definitely am. After 2 weeks of hell , spending time with bio, chem or physic books is just killer. I have no idea how smartie pants out there could read biology textbook for freaking 5 times. Don't you feel dizzy when you see those words and diagram that you don't understand?
Oh well ,
I'm just lazy and dumb. Maybe that's why D:

And you have no idea how much I love twins ;


And their daddy just couldn't make up his mind to name them , Kevin and Kevan or Calvin or Calven. Omg, they have like so many names but I'd prefer the Calvin Calven one tho. Well, god knows why :D:D:D:D

The younger one ,
Calvin ; Kevin ?

I call him, Calbaby :D okay just like YIRU (;


the elder one ,

Calven ; Kevan?


Don't say they look the same. They definitely not.

And yes,
twins is so adorable no?

I need to go and choose my clothes already . I'm heading to Penang this friday with ze friends (: Really, I can't wait :D And I have hot pink colour nails and I am loving it! :D

The sad thing is,
I lost my purse.
Ah, my shopping money );

Let's end with,

Younger or Elder?

loves you very muchie.

ps . Self praise is no praise.