Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flying colours.

Sorry to scare you with the unedited picture up there fill with flaws. Laziness strikes me. Okay fine, I'm always lazy so yeah (; I love my nails :D Unlike now, it's so screw up and I'm actually out of cotton to get it off. ); TT

I'm suppose to continue the second part of the trip. Same, just pictures with caption. It makes no difference to me that I wrote paragraphs of things together. I doubt anyone would read anyway.Many just look at picture, scroll scroll scroll then click the 'X' button. Fine, I do that too often at people's blog. That's why I kind of understand readers. Nevermind , let's continue.

And so there it goes,

1. Livonniehoneybunny. I super like this picture I have no idea why. I think it's nice :D:D And obviously, this is so called the i-must-camwhore-cos-i-dress-up-so-nice picture.

2. If she didn't blink :D

3. Woohooooo (; The valley in between. (if you get it) :D hot stuff. I hope I'm still alive after this is posted up.

4. I can never take picture with her. I just look like someone from hell everytime I stand beside her. Angelic looks ftw , no? Okay nao, I feel like a witch D:

5. Taken by idontknowwho. But I lovey my dress very much lor!


7. Xiuming.

8. And then , we have lunch at Penang Road. The Char Koay Teow is really awesome. It's a must go if you visit penang.

9. Terence : Why you must camwhore wherever you go one.
Me : GOT MEH?!!

10. This bowl of thing is just heaven I tell you. I even packed 4 packets back to the hotel. :D:D And after lunch, we went to walk around at the streets nearby and nothing caught my eye so we went back to the bus. Otw back, our lisababy have a very short date with potato husband.

11. Otw to the beach. After lunch, we straight get back to our rooms , get changed, meet up then to the beach to have the sea activities on.

12. Don't ask D:

13. No, we didn't plan for this pose. And then we get to the beach and start CAMWHORING :D


15. Okay , I look bad D:

16. Okay Okay people get ready for jump shot, get ready get ready.

17. Okay Okay, ready ready.

18. One two Threeeee, jump !

19. The grumpy face. No, I wasn't moody. The sun was so strong and so yeah. My eyes was like this -.- And after that, I set off with jetski with Febri and we did have alot of fun on the water. I drove too fast and then we almost bounce off the jetski but hell, it was aweeesommme.

20. groupies.

21. Sat banana boat for the last ride.Went up to the room and get wash up. camwhore.

22. camwhoreeee !

23.At the lobby waiting for people to go to GURNEEEEEY DRIVE :D

24. Ashley THOOOOOO (;

25. off to Gurney Drive.

26 & 27 . And yes, in the bus. I have no idea why where the camwhore semangat come from.

28. Group picture in Gurney Plaza by DSLR (quantity is like important quality rigghhhtt)

29 . Kevan Goh !

30 & 31 . fongkheikhei.

32. Then , we walk over to the opposite to take pictures and talk.

33. group!

34. I have no idea why is it so bright but nice la nice la.

35 & 36 . Before we head to the bus.

37. Starbucks! They bought it for me WOOHOO :D

38. Jingles Pringles.

39. The people who sit at the back of the bus! :D

40. Then we get back to our hotel room and continue our game. Have late night talks with the girls. Then Jingles and Abang came over and we have pillow fight. Go to sleep around 5am in the morning.

41. Woke up around 11.15am. I clearly remember the time cos Mingli was otp and complaining that she miss her breakfast. Oh wait, I FREAKING MISS MY BREAKFAST TOO. And to believe or not, I couldn't get over it until nao! because their breakfast rocks.

42. Got changed and everything. Pack up and then go down. Took some picture by the pool before checking out.

43. (;

44. Another grumpy face. I don't get it why people always capture this face one!

45. Lisa : *angelic voice* oh really?! my god that's awful.
Me : *gangster voice* What the hell is that person's problem now. Want takao is it *hits the table*

46. Lisababy and I look so sweet here LMAO.

47. Yes, she just got zhaed by yours truly.

48. We checked out and then headed out to Oriental Seafood for lunch.


50. Headed to Oriental Seafood and really, the food was good. And the picture above is the class group picture. Okay, what am I talking about.

51. KahMingMing.

52. Rence, KahMing and Puan Zan's youngest doter?

53. Out of caption kthxbye.

54. Out of caption kthxbye

55. SHADES :D woohooo, finally got caption wtf,

56 & 57 . Group picture outside the restaurant under the hot sun. Okay, we have pictures from different angle. Ah , memories ); Then we headed to Gurney Plaza.

58 . 'Checking in' for karaoke.

59. Bad hair day );

60 & 61. The boys were to busy singing their techno songs so yeah. And I have no idea how they actually rap at the correct tone and correct rhythm.

62. Idk why baby is there -.-

63. Like x1000000 . Left around 430pm to the bus then go home ); I sleep around 2 and a half hours in the bus since I didn't really sleep the day before. My hand and neck hurts like mad. Must be jetski.

64. Oh hey, I just wake up. Okay then we headed to Tanjung Malim for late dinner and I am too lazy to find the pictures so yeah, facebook it. Then head to bus and then go home again.

65. I start doing this sign because I saw an accident otw. The guy is probably dead , lying on the floor. Some of them say , they say their brain juice and all. Yes, it is that scary.

66 & 67 . Okay , no caption again TT

68. Lisababy and I -.-

And after twenty minutes of taking the picture above, we reach school ); All of us was kinda emo that Penang is actually over. Okay, I still couldn't accept the fact that it's over. I'm emoing now. But yeah, good things comes to an end right. I believe that we have more chance next year.

Let's go during March , anyone?

okay okay okay?

I miss Penang.

Things come to an end no matter fast or slow. Things which we think is good is always faster than we could imagine. But, it ends for good purpose.
And nothing really matters ,
as long as you appreciate it .

Penang .
One word,