Monday, November 8, 2010

Because you loved me.

I'm just back from Penang and I have muscle ache all over my body.
I am so freaking tired until I feel so dead.

I lost my voice
and ,
I sound like a duck.

Oh great );

look at the bright side,
the trip was awesome and better than I expected.

it deserve at least 3 thumbs up and great, the girls know all my secrets. I pour it all out when I'm tipsy. Sigh :/ I'm a loser );

I will update after I get those pictures from other people because I only have 40 over pictures? Or maybe even less with me. Oh well );

And yeah , the point is
Penang Trip,

Thank you so much , people. Thanks for making it up to this trip and for those who didn't get to join us , thanks for paying extra. It's a loss for you guys but yeah, it doesn't even matter because we do have another chance.

Thank you , people (;

Take a good rest now, good night.

CarmenLimKahMun (;