Thursday, November 18, 2010

Listen to my whyyyyy .

Last day of school today.

Feeling a little sad , and then more sad.
I used to love holidays alot
but now, I guess I've change my thoughts.
Probably it's because my classmates this year
couldn't go out much so yeah.

I guess I shall be a nerd and plan my timetable
for everyday so that I have actually something to
do other spending money -.-

I just screw up one of my nails D:


Okay, it's done.


Sunday, Nov 14 '10

Out to sunway with the people.
Have lunch buffet at Zen which is
placed on top of kimgary.
Around 63bucks per person and then,
you can eat all you want.
Plus, people serve you.

Worth it to the max.


she say I look like a mother.
super hurt , can );


We girls reach first so we ordered first.
The boys is late -.-

What kind of world is this.
Girls need to wait for boys pfft.

The chasoba taste reaaaaal goood.
And I ate alot of tempura! awesome shit.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Ignore the eyebags D:

After lunch , we couldn't make up our mind what to do
so we decided to go for karoake at redbox.
Took the 5pax set and I personally think it's worth it.
I think we should actually gather 5 people and go again.
It's so cheap, inculding food , drinks, fruit platter somemore.
Neway and Redbox? which one ?

look like doing some big business here -.-

After karaoke, walk around
and then stop out of nowhere to camwhore.

where's the life button?

That fella up there sent me home then.

Tuesday , Nov 16 '10

Went to school for futsal's finals.

Got attendance from teacher and then headed down
to the canteen to get a very nice place to watch the
football match. Got our posters ready to support
them. It may look like we're going for some
football match or something and it may look
exaggerating but overall, all we want is the fun in it
so it doesn't matter how other people look at us.

morning kisss (;
nope, not edited.


And so, the team , my friends and I supported
which is Kahming team.
Although it's counted as Omega's team
but it doesn't matter la. Since our classmates is
in it so yeah.

They got into semi finals.

And then to finals,



champion :D

You have no idea how fast our hearts were beating
and how tense we were when we were shouting
their name out loud when they're playing.
We actually curse the opposite team to chao gan
or something and we do get real mad when the
opposite actually kick the team member's leg
or push them away to get the ball.
Don't they know how to play fair!

So since they win,
we celebrate with MCD for lunch. LOL!

And then ,
we play with this twisting game which is shoo fun!

I'm like scrubbing my back.

We are suppose to tangle each other
and then solve each other into a circle.

Still couldn't believe that it's actually
the last day of school.
And, next year I am form 5.
I need to face the biggest exam if not
I will just fail in life.

I will miss form 4.
New friends, new environment, new life.
Everything is worth to be a part of my memory.
Heartbreaks , sorrows , disappointment
should be forgotten after this year.
But really, everything that had happen
actually worth it , worth every second.

And about you ,
I'm not sure whether you should be thrown
or still remain here like a blade cut right through me.

xo ,
maybe a confession of form 4 life soon ? HAHAH

p.s She's so adorable and I love her but, she disappoints me.
p.p.s I hope you still miss me, 'friend' ?