Friday, May 28, 2010

Love gives me Hope.

Just read ;
eveything from lovegivesmehope.

Exactly 8 months ago my grandpa lost his battle with cancer. By the end he couldn't talk and wouldn't respond to any of us.
A few moments before he took his last breath, he looked at my grandma and said clear as day

"I love you".
They were married 51 years.

I have had a crush on my close friend for a while, and the other day we were in town together.We ran into some people from our school who asked if this was a date, going red, I said
no, we were just friends.
He however said yes, turned me around and kissed me in front of them without warning.

When I broke up with my last boyfriend, my best friend was there for me. He bought a train ticket and came two hours to meet me. I later found out that his girlfriend broke up with him for it.
He told me that my tears were more important than her kisses.

I work in an ICU, and yesterday while on shift I noticed that the same elderly man had been sleeping in the waiting room for four days. I asked him why he didn't go home for a sleep. Turns out he is the husband of a woman in isolation on the ward.
In his words "We've been married 65 years, I couldn't sleep without her there anyway."

Today I was sitting in class texting my boyfriend who is in the hospital. All of the sudden I heard music coming from the hallway. The school band was playing "All My Life", by KC and Jojo. Our song.
He had arranged for the school band to play it because today was our anniversary and he knew he wouldn't be there.

Recently, I tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge.My boyfriend saved me by jumping in after me and pulling me out. When I woke up in the hospital he was in a hospital bed next to mine as he had suffered a minor concussion.
He looked at me, smiled, and said "I promised I'd always catch you."

I have always been depressed.Last night, I called my boyfriend crying, telling him that I wish he was here. We talked for six hours.When we got off the phone, I heard tapping on my window. I looked out to see him, throwing rocks.
He lives in Boston, and drove six hours to come see me.

My best friend died in a car accident on his way to deliver me soup for my cold.Found in the car was also a bouquet of flowers and a card that read:
"We've been best friends for the last 5 years. Now, let's be lovers for the next 50."

My boyfriend was eager to meet my Mom, despite my various protests.I pulled into the parking lot of the cemetery where she's buried, expecting him to completely freak out.
When we approached her grave, he sat down, said hello, and talked with her for an hour about how lucky he was to have me.

My boyfriend, lost his wallet one day. I texted him good morning at 6 AM, getting a reply saying he was at my school where we were the night before, a good 20 blocks away, looking for it.
I wondered what was in it that made him so eager to find it...
I found it at my house. No money, no change. Just the first letter I had ever written him.

Did you go "awwwwwwwwwwww" ?

Well , I did and reading all of them above make me feel so loved and cared by imagining that I am the one being in those situation.It may sound stupid, retarded or whatsoever but really, it gives me hope.Just like the website , Love gives me hope. I know I sound really pathetic putting words like this but it's true. I know I should not complain as things is not turning into worse and getting better but yeah, I will never get or feel enough.Well , everyone feel the same way at this kind of situation and you can't denied it and if you did, you are lying. You just don't know how much I despite being left alone without any replies and really, I hate waiting.Although I hate to wait but I still do.

Nah, I am not emo or sad.
I just miss the feeling being cared , loved and makes me feel like I'm everything.

And grimly,
I miss the feeling of feeling loved.

love ,