Monday, May 3, 2010

Run Devil Run!

Sorry for being so late.
Blogger was being a bitch , internet too
and I wasn't in a mood so yeah , no updates.
Okay bad reasons , forger bout it pffft.

And I was like two days late in facebook too
because I was busy resizing the pics.
I kinda regret deleted that many tho
and I'm left with a hundred or so pictures.
My goal is to reach 300 pictures but failed.
everyone hates me TT

Girls was suppose to be early over at my place
but instead of them, they boys came earlier.
Was worry about them getting ready since
there's so many of them but was okay, I guess.
I was a little piss off because I was so stressed out
and end up, my lip colour was like shit, great.

Was kinda late tho.
But overall , not really lar harhar :D

Sat at table 11 , was really back tho.
And the people start walking in
but didn't bother much so yeah .

Pictures (;

Jean was gorgeous.

Went out when the food's served.
Didn't really care bout it for camwhoring (;
Girls ma rightt..

Eugene looking great that night, don't you think so?


And then , toilet breaks .
It's suppose to be the best place for us to camwhore
but I only got a few pics , daaaaamn sad.

This is ShihNing and I call her Penguin.
Something adorable about her is , she buy me hello panda when I'm emo. Shooo cute (;

LiVon ; pretty can die.

I like (;

On the way back from toilet
and these people were forced to be in the cam xD

SeeTiem (; No make up also so cute. wth !

Kevan .

Didn't get to eat so much of the food.
Had shark fin's soup and yeah , the best .
Then chicken or idk whatever is it .


Zheng (;

KahMing .

Everyone went out and take pictures outside.
And yeah , everyone was outside .
Just "a few" here .



All black on the right.

Jae (;

Grouppieee (;

Went back in , ate the rice and took the rest for a while.

Dancefloor starts around 1015pm or so.
Pulled everyone to the dancefloor
and gosh, it was hell squeezey and
everyone was so shy

But slowly and slowly...

they gone mad .
LOL nick.

And after that ,

Dancefloor ftw

After an hour....


Of course , we rest inbetween .
Took off the heels half way because my heels was
hurting my leg like crap so yeah.
It was hell one of the night .

Rested for awhile then walk down
then half way , rest again -.-


Then , people left one by one.

Some of us went to 7e to get drinks
then stoned at kfc for aircond .
Wait till my grandpa came over and fetch.

Didn't sleep that early of course.
Some was over at my place
and yes, it was really nice?
I couldn't find that word but yeah .

I am really out of words
because I could barely remember the details
since it's last friday but overall, it's awesome.

Couldn't wait for next year's one tho.
We shall double up the fun .

I got to go to bed now ,
night .