Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get a grib .

Exam's around the corner and I'm still here slacking like there's no tomorrow and I always feel so lazy. I took out my book , read one paragraph and then, I fell asleep on the book.After 3 hours , I woke up with my book covered with my saliva,ew and nothing goes into my head. Then, I went to my bed and hug my baby pillow then go to my dreamland.
Awesome much?

Dear Carmen ,
How are you suppose to pass the exam when you are acting like that?
Why you have time to on facebook forever and have no time to study?

Don't be surprise if I fail and I swear I know nothing about everything and there goes the beautiful red marks on my report card.

I really wanna pass my exam lor ):


Have fun facing your book , not facebook.

life's so sad );