Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Born to make you happy .

Exam's around the corner and my nerd mode is not turn on yet.I am gonna screwed up my exams, really and I don't want to. I must study by tomorrow okay. And , I feel so relieved right now and I don't know why.But when I think of the papers I'm gonna sit for 2 weeks seriously can kill and it's starting this saturday and please tell me, all of you are unprepared. I use sorts of way to lie to myself that I leave my things behind and to study but end up, I'm on fb , texting and appearing off on msn. And I swear, I really never study. No, I'm not like those people who say that and score with flying colours.

And actually the song "I'd Come for You" by Nickelback is actually true. I can't believe someone's doing the same like the lyrics written to me. Okay, I shut up.

I just come here to tell you that I am actually still alive.

I facebook-ed not face my books
it means,
I'm screwed .