Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's just like a circle , never comes to an end.

Since a long time , I have not updated properly.
As in , list out everything about everything that happened
and stuff like how I used to blog last time.
And trust me, it may sound boring or whatever
but at least my visitors are still visiting.
But now, they are like running away . OMG D:

It's so freaking sad to see the bar chart getting lower.
Please come back , visitors.
My life is already very sad.

And I don't like to blog without pictures ,
it makes my post looks so short and boring.
I hate reading and I assumed readers hates it to
so I like to spam my camwhore pictures
and they call it disgusting .
But seriously, why do they even bother to visit
if it is. Visit already then shut the fuck up , thanks.

Okay ignore what I just typed
and, don't ask me bout my previous post.
I really don't wanna talk about it tho.

Monday , May 10

Canon IXUS is awesome (;
I didn't edit this, I swear.

Was all excited to school for the class photoshoot
and a lil moody in the morning due to pms.
I don't know why, I just know it when I pms.

Brought camera to school just to camwhore with the buddies.
And some of my classmates are still camera shy .

In bio lab ,

Look so pale );

Just like usual ,
took our own sweet time to walk back to the class.
That's probably what we do everytime
before and after the lab lessons , just to be late
and hopes to miss classes .

Bad student , I know.

But most of the time when I reach my class,
the teachers are usually not there yet.

So when the teacher is not in class yet
and I have my camera.
Normally , I will just go to toilet to...


Just notice that toilet mirror is really dirty.


Just a few shots and then get back to class.
Teacher reached already so yeah.
Potong, can.

Add maths teacher was absent
and so there's a re-leave teacher sitting there
and let us make noise ? LOL, she doesn't care.

Our oh-so-cute monitor , Charlyee
was trying to put us in the correct place
and so we roughly just stand in our place
according to our height and those.
It was real messy tho but yeah.

Just straight after that ,
we are ready to get to the great hall for it.
Everyone, as in the boys and girls
rushed into the toilet and start fixing their hair and those.
Vainpots we have in school, huh xD

Then to the great hall when we were waiting outside
for our turn,

Donniena (L)

And this angle of camwhoring is called the 'Donniena angle' because she always camwhore from this angle .

Just a few up there ,
check out more in facebook.
Facebook is the best book ever ! =D

I don't like this picture but 'Xiu Ming Chan' face is priceless (;

I like.

Have no idea why suddenly become group photo.

And our place was kinda arranged again.
The photoshoot was face tho
and I totally forget what I did for candid
and I hope it will be a good one tho
because last year's class photo was awesome.
Infact, it's the best among the three years.

Taking our own sweet time to walk back, again-.-

Srikl students ar, no hope already one la.

Walk back slowly already very wrong.
Somemore camwhore on the way back (;
No hope already , no hope already.


Me : FUCK!



I like (;

And the people behind was trying to do a jump shot,
and there..

Not ready not ready.

Not bad Not bad hahahahaah.

And, we was trying to take a 'formal' one .



I like (;

And we give up so we...


Forced Puan Asmawati in here (;

I think it's the best picture among all.

And you know what ,
We wasn't late for class and everything LOL.

Did addmaths revision (;

Tuesday, May 11

Which means today

Today's timetable was kinda stressful tho.
It's like all the subject is cramped together.
And I can't imagine how am I suppose to survive
in the two periods of chemistry in the lab tmr
with the new teacher. She look so scary , in a way.
Don't really kinda fancy her.

And today was plain tired , Idk why.

Have fun hanging around with XiuMing , Xuelin, Yuhung & Eugene
in AC , some bonding session but not really.
And we walked under the rain together.
So romantic okay (;

Xuelin left , then the four of us went to Starbucks
and chill there since we still have alot of time.
Of course we're not that rich to spend so much money.
KahMing gave us some coupons and so yeah (;
Bonding session again?!

I like tuition! ALOT.

that's enough for today.
I took so long for this post.

Night .