Saturday, May 8, 2010

I learned to be alone , to be strong and to not cry when you're not around.

Today is boring and Idk what's wrong with me,
I woke up at 12pm , like wth so early -.-
And I did my homework , and tuition's one too.
OMG , I feel so proud of myself
but now the prob is , I have nothing to do.

I don't feel like studying either ,
or maybe I should do some revision later or something.
Maybe , just maybe .

Life's so sad , you know.
For the first time, I am trying to do my homework
all by myself and yes , I'm almost done then

and now, I left the last two question blank
because I just lost my mood to do homework.
Oh greeeeat.

And my nail is retarded.
Okay, Life's is really sad.

pictures from the sleepover last week.

Okay, everyone was grabbing for the blanket .

And the pillow fight :D ;D

I like.

I like.

Much more in facebook ,
check it out there .

You realise ?
Time have been passing real fast.
Can you believe it's May already?!

One more month to my birthday
and I still remember , last year
I was busy preparing for my 15th birthday
at my place and those time , I stayed up
just to make the invitations and all.
It was all memorable , really.

But this year , I don't wanna make it big.
I just wanna have dinner or something
with a few close friends and that's enough.
Too lazy to call everyone and to make sure
whether they can come or not , it's a lil annoying.
I still have one month to go anyway
or maybe I should just stay at home .
I'm really lazy nowadays .

Mid year's around the corner and I'm totally not ready.
I will actually fail. No wait, I'm already gonna fail.
Form4 sucks.I wanna go back to form3.
I rather suffer with PMR , seriously.

Dramas and dramas and dramas ,
When will they actually stop?
I hate it when everytime I thought it's the end,
it's not and everything turns another round
and let all of us suffer another round.
Why can't some people just leave things alone
and live their own life and stop dramas.

Life is getting better , I guess
and I should just stop complaining so much .

I should go spend sometime to think
where to have dinner and who to call
to celebrate my birthday .
I don't care how many is going and everything.
I just want my close friends to be there.

I'm not emo.

And ,

I mish you so muchie , bitch );