Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fekete x My Little Melbourne.

Coffee is an essential for me.

I start picking up the habit of having coffee when I am 18 due to work. My body couldn't cope with the workload and this is the only way for me to keep myself awake. I started drinking coffee to stay awake and slowly, I realize the beauty in it. I didn't meant by just coffee art. I meant by the different beans they have to create different aroma out of it. 

The winter trip to Budapest is rather leisure and I get the chance to visit a cafe or two in between. Apparently, cafes are really a thing in Budapest. 

When that city loves coffee, I love that city. 


We stumbled across fekete which is located really close to where we are staying. My friends and I have been eyeing at this little cozy space everytime we walk pass but only get to step into the place after two days. 

I really love how unique their style is. 

Look at the cups with their own drawings on the shelves. I also love how coffee beans being package that way.

The coffee art is lacking but taste wise was okay. 

It is not the best I had , but it was good - more to milky type. I ordered flat white which was recommended. 


My Little Melbourne

My little Melbourne is another cafe I visited in Budapest which is located in a high end shopping area of the city. This cafe is one of the best rated ones in Budapest which is recommended everywhere online. So, we actually traveled there to look for the cafe. 

gosh, what is caffiene doing to us?

The place is really pretty and as expected, it is a full house when we visited. The place is rather small but still keep a good distance between people. They played American pop that day. 

Love Each Other. 

Well, one thing about cafes in Budapest - they often serve their coffees in paper cups. Also, I realize how cute the designs are on the cup. 

Coffee Beans are definitely from Australia hence, the name. It is thicker than the one in Fekete , which is more to my personal liking. 

Let's love each other - like how much we love coffee. 

Fekete - Budapest, Múzeum krt. 5, 1053 Hungary
My Little Melbourne Coffee - Budapest, Madách Imre út 3, 1075 Hungary