Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hence, London.


Fluffy clouds from my transit in Netherlands to London - without any filter.

It was a rush and a huge mess before I arrive in the UK. I did my packing just a few days before and only bring my essentials. I bought extra luggage weight which costs me a bomb.

My leave to the UK was not as lively as other people. I only had a few of my family members to send me to the airport when I wanted them to just drop me. That sounded so casual. To be honest, my family is pretty casual about these things because we are raised to be independent. However, we still had McDs in the airport until I leave. 
And I did not feel anything much - probably numb about a lot of things. It will be a lie if I didn't leave with a heavy heart.


The first thing I do when I arrive Heathrow.
We all know that Costa is only available in the UK. 

My aunt pick me up from the airport and headed to her place to freshen up before lunch.




I had my first afternoon tea experience at Pastisserie Valerie on the very first day.

They serve super good scones however, they do not have the whipped cream that I love. They are famous for their cakes which I ought to try - too many choices available.


It was so good. Hence, takeaway! 


There is a day where I travel to London city alone which was approximately half an hour away from where I stay. I brought the maps with me incase I get lost. Tbh, their tube lines are very complicated. It took me awhile to read the map - however, I manage to make it to where I am supposed to meet my friends from Oxford. 


Fish and Chips for lunch, and it was bad. It's right beside the London Eye which is flooded with people. However, the chicken was better off though. 




This is so beautiful. 

My friends and I was looking at this view and think, Wow we made it here together. 

It was pretty dramatic at one point. But it feels nice to be one of the dream city of the world.


So, wassup London. 





My hair is everywhere because the wind is so strong. 

I can't believe they travel down for a day during the weekdays just to see me before I left to Hull. And all of us were in black - however, Andrew took off his jacket so the picture didn't turn out in sync. 

So much love.

Black is my favourite colour for clothings , lol.


This is a beautiful picture because a random couple is in it. lol.



Look at how beautiful this is. 




So, this is the legendary London Bridge. 



Super love this candid picture.

This was taken at Oxford Street- the shopping heaven of the city.





I always announce that I do not like chocolates.

But, godiva is an exception. 

I will never choose chocolate flavour if I were given a choice to choose for ice creams or candies. But godiva made it so gooooood. Dark Chocolate will be the best selling one in store. I don't think I can handle this chocolate business so I have the mix of black and white instead. 

It was so gooood. 



Besides pizza, ice cream is always the answer. 


On the way to Borough Market ;




Heavenly fresh made breads in Borough Market. 




Covent Garden. 



Famous Roast of Four Seasons in Chinatown; I wish I could take a yummier picture. This doesn't do any justice at all.

The charsiew was so good that it makes me flatter. I'm not even exaggerating. 


Strolling around the streets, enjoying the beautiful sky. 

We can never have this back home. 


We have pink skies almost everyday and it makes me happy.

London is a very beautiful city. And probably, it's already one of my favourite on the list already. Now, I'm settled in Hull - and, already went back to London twice because I miss the city so much. I can't wait to visit all the independent cafes and little stores which I've research all these while. 

I'll make it through - and grow.