Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kingston Upon Hull.


This is one of the most beautiful building in Hull City Centre. This is Maritime Museum which I have yet to visit. And I believe that this will be the trademark of Hull City. I'll bring whoever that visit me in Hull to snap a picture, lol.

And now I am here to tell you my journey to hull -


Filter level x10000000000


All mine.


My luggage was really heavy. Until now, I don't even know what I bring because it seems like I'm still lacking of everything. 

It was a hassle to take tubes. I was dragging my luggage with my aunty. We have to change stops before we leave to King Cross to catch our train to Hull.



Free treats since it's their 15th anniversary. 

It takes almost three hours from London to Hull. However, I took a direct train so the journey was shorter than that. Hull Trains are good - they have free wifi! hahaha.


This drawer is probably the treasure. I don't even know why I bring so much here because I hardly eat them until now. However, they are a taste of home when I'm really homesick. 
Compare to them, I'd prefer to pack my ahma in my luggage. 


Have I told you guys that I love avocados? 

I get very enthusiastic when it comes to preparing breakfast.


Simple breakfast before I kick start my day.

I always insist to eat breakfast before I leave for anything. I will wake up earlier to make breakfast. Or even when I'm running out of time, I'll have a bowl of muesli or cereal. There is so many kind of cereals in the UK which I want to try. Also, the flavours they have for chips are insane. 


Before leaving the house - currently obsessed with stripes.

Black is always my first choice - if not, it will be monochrome colours. 




Strolled around the streets in the neighborhood.

The weather was lovely. 


And finally heading to the city to get the things I need;


Maritime Museum. 


Totally love this picture. 

I mean it when I told you that the weather is lovely. Look at all the fluffy cotton candy clouds. 



Albert's Dock. 

I swear that I didn't filter this. 


I love this picture of my aunty.

I really wonder how could I make it if I am alone. I came without any friends , choosing another path from them. Not to mention that, Hull is really far away from wherever they are. So I feel so blessed to have her with me throughout the whole journey. I don't think I could carry anything myself up north without her help. Not to mention that she bought me so many things - even if it is unnecessary. 

gosh, so blessed. 




And also had my first brunch in Hull the other day. 

The Brunch Waffle with a classic cup of black coffee.

The English here prefers black coffee over anything else. I used to love Cappucino , however I could not handle the calorie count so I switched to Americano or Long Black. My friends look at me in a kind when I tell them I wanted black coffee. It may be too bitter for people, but I love the originality of it. 



yay, my dimples are back!

After brunch, I strolled around the street - knowing that they have little vintage shops.





I appreciate little shops like this. And everything they are selling are handmade, and self-designed. The price are slightly higher than what you can find in the malls. Well, we are paying for effort and creativity. 


beautiful sight of Maritime Museum when the sky turns dark.


La vie en rose.

No filter photograph. 

Gosh, the pink skies here are so beautiful.


This will be a different path in life and a starting of a new journey. Some things are moving on, some things will be left behind. It only matters what you bring along. 

I hope that it's going to be 'hull' of a year.