Friday, October 2, 2015

Yellow Brick Road.

' Build by Dreamers for Dreamers' 

Yellow Brick Road has been stirring up the brunch hype once again ever since it's open. It took me a while to visit due to the long queue. It really does take an hour for us to get in during weekends or peak hours like lunch time. 
So I visited YBR during weekdays after lunch - plus, I wake up really late during holidays. 

Red Bean Bag is definitely one of the best in town. And now, the bunch are here to create another hype - indeed, it was super successful. 

We were seated upstairs - which is also called the Wicked Pancake Parlour.

A cup of cappucino at RM11 - which was a little bit milky for my liking. 

The winning barista , Jason Loo is one of the reason here so I believe that there is nothing wrong to have expectations. 

Beef Rendang Cottage Pie - RM 22

Cottage Pie infused with Malaysian flavours. I expected to really have huge beef cubes with thick rendang gravy. However, it was just a little twist from the ordinary cottage pie. The gravy could be done better. It's served with Rye bread , making sure that your tummies are filled.

I wanna be Kaya- RM22

One of the most ordered one of the menu. Poached pears with strawberries on top of their brioche French toast , sprinkled with coconut flakes with Caramel Kaya Sauce. Instead of honey or maple syrup, they have Kaya Sauce - showing so much love to our local flavours. 

I would recommend this alot. If you prefer savory dishes , you can have this as your dessert. 
Definitely a must order.

Appreciation to one of my favourite. yums.

And not forgetting their famous big breakfast -

The Big Breakfast Bash - RM30

This portion is very huge. However, I believe that the price is a little bit higher than other places. A common fry of combinations that should be presented in Big breakfast , with an additional of sweet potatoes. I will never once thought anyone would serve hash browns and potatoes ( to be normal or sweet potatoes) together. Plus point for their beans and good eggs used. I guess, the price is there for a reason. 
This portion will be perfect if it's shared among two with a cup of coffee each. 

There are many more choices on the menu - with super unique names.

I would say that Red Bean Bag still wins over. However, the specialty of YBR is the fusion of western brunch with local flavors. This is definitely a first around the town - though, there are many more places which has the same concept now. Still believe that we should head to where it start first before anything. 

I swear it's candid, lol.