Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Grumpy Cyclist.

The Grumpy Cyclist finally reopened after their renovation. I couldn't judge the interior since it's my first time here. I've been wanting to try out this place for their brunch because it's noted as one of the best brunch offered around. This place draws a lot of attention with their bicycle theme, which is very new to the crowd. I will definitely never thought of relating coffee and food to bicycles. 

Besides offering food, they do have activities relating to bikes. The Grumpy Cyclist regularly have Thursday social night by having a group ride around TTDI and hartamas area. This is something very new too. They do bring relaxation to another context since some people prefer a cozy space with a companion of good cup of coffee , and some would love to have activities to feel more lively. 

Well, just give me coffee lol.

Loving their playlist that afternoon. 

Cappucino at RM 11 ;
which is a little too milky for my liking.

We ordered the popular choices they offered ;

The Gran Fondo at RM20 ;
which is the classic big breakfast. I would say that they were pretty generous with the portion. However, I do not like how the mushroom is handled. All the stars goes to the honey bacons. I swear that , it's one of the best bacons I've tasted in my life. It's smeared with honey when it's pan fried and the crispy texture just hit on point. 

I was so tempted to add on of their honey bacons which is only at RM5 - however, I need to keep my diet on check. Don't hesitate to add on if you can afford it. Noone will have too much of bacons - what more with good bacons. 

Oliver James at RM15 ;
which looks little but filling. It's scrambled eggs with pancakes and toast ; of course not forgetting their yummy bacons. I'd prefer this over the Gran Fondo because the portion is just right. Big breakfast is always too much for me. 

All eyes on the bacons.

No doubt that this is BAE - Bacons and Eggs. 

Melted Marshmallow on Chocolate Moist Cake at RM 13 ;
for dessert. 

I definitely have a good start of the day here. However, it is really crowded during peak times so I'll suggest you to go a little later than usual time. My brunch time is too close to tea time , so it will make no difference for me to find a table lol. 

The comfortable dim lights and music played during that noon was good - it's all definitely my playlist. So, I'll give another point to that. I hate how some cafes play noisy music. It's difficult to find cafe that play jazz and R&B all the time. 

The Grumpy Cyclist opens till 11pm. I love how cafes in TTDI always work till late at night because often, they closes at 7-8pm.