Thursday, February 5, 2015

Leornado's Dining Room & Wine Loft

I've finally visited Leonardo's !

This time, bookings were made 10days before the date we visited. We love to have dinner together on Fridays , not to mention with a bottle of wine for us to share. 

Leornado's is located at Jalan Bangkung, on the second and third floor in Bangsar. This place is pretty hidden in Bangsar since it's located inbetween the housing areas. 

Leornado's is famous for their pork dishes - they serve western style pork dishes to fusion version of bak kut teh and hokkien mee. They actually serve what they think is good , so they don't fall under any food  genre. Not to mention, their environment is romantic enough for couples to dine in, and comfortable enough for groups to have celebrations or gathering.  

Creamy Wild Mushroom Cappuccino at RM20

The soup is serve in a large cup. The top of the soup is covered with thick creamy mushroom layer and the next layer is a little more watery. There is no cappuccino - well, I did not taste any. However, the whole texture does reminds me of the texture of how I sip on a cup of cappuccino. I decided to use the spoon instead because I don't want to burn my tongue. 

I'll recommend this if you love soup as your starter. 

Leo's Famous Pork Knuckle Platter at RM88

This picture is not doing any justice because it taste hundred times better than how this photo turns out. Their platter is for sharing of 3-4 people as starter. Their meat is pinkish-red which I first thought that, it's not fully cooked and obviously I thought wrongly. Their skin is crispy and I am so glad that, this platter did not cheat my feelings. The other places often give a very big bone and minimal serving of meat. This platter comes with some roasted potatoes ( and no one could say no to potatoes).


They have three types of sauce to go with their pork goodness platter - and I love the middle one the most which is marmalade sauce. 

Barbequed Pork Ribs in Mesquite BBQ flavour at RM59 

There are also another two flavours available which is Spicy Cola and Sweet Guinness , which we do not have the bravery to try it out yet. So we played safe by ordering Mesquite BBQ. This dish was just fine to me , because I believe that the other two smacking flavour would do more justice. 

Fettuccine Squid Ink at RM40

I swear that this pasta dish is one of the best squid ink dishes I've ever tasted. Look at the size of the scallops served on the pasta ; it was literally humongous. However, the prawn wasn't so fresh. I like how the squid ink is not dense and does not have a lot of gravy. I like my pasta dish a little bit more drier. Try this pasta dish out!

Mamma Mia at RM35

Their thin pizza is one of the highly recommended dish to order. I love how the cheese melt completely on top of the perfect crispy crust. Jamon Serrano , Mozarella and rocket is a good choice. This is their best selling pizza - and definitely something different from the others. 


And we open a bottle of white wine instead of red ; and had a wonderful night. It was a pity that there are a few birthday celebrations that night. It was a little bit noisy, however nothing was bad. I wish that the staff are more attentive and patient ; the huge crowd is not a reason for them to lower down their good service as mentioned online. However, the food was really good with affordable price.

and some picture of us ;

till then