Friday, May 11, 2012


I was looking through some old photo albums of mine and found a numerous of food picture. 

I am really hungry right now .

So I will make you suffer with me right now.

I seriously have alot of pictures though , of food :p

The breakfast I made lately , for my sister and I. Red beans and bacons are missing ):

forever favorite banana leaf rice! yumm.

Ikea's meatball. - I guess I have posted this not long ago but oh well.

Chicken breast set from Ikea that taste like fish -.-

Muffin and cinnamon :p


Strawberry pie!

Snowflake's Soya series set four with taroballs.

KimGary's cheese baked rice. 
I really want this right now ):

gongcha's signature winter melon milk tea with white pearls , which cost me 7.40 -.-


Bandung :p

Chatime's red bean milk tea. I used to love this but now, I am addicted to Taro milk tea. I really love Yam though, not just because it's purple .

Handmade muffins which was salty -.-

Tenji 2's waffle!

Alexis's Pavlova.

Some ramen from some japanese shop in gardens. Trust me, this bowl of thing is really good. I guess, I should go back there for this. TT

Tutti Fruitti!

Some dishes from Zhiwei's farewell dinner in SS19 . It was good!

Penang's har mee!

Baskin Robins , yumm TT.

Windmill's something something fried rice.

Penang's asam laksa.



I give up seriously.

Imma go and look for food now
but before that,