Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby Good Night.

I practically only have pictures of myself in my phone and I finally transferred it to the comp. Oh well, I camwhore before I head to every outing to just see how I match my clothes and of course, I hope I don't repeat it. Plus, I don't really know what to do with my dresses lately. I seldom wear them already. I guess I should start wearing dresses to college instead if not, they will probably go waste hanging there with their price tag.

I think I should find sometime to deal with them too. Oh god, the closet.

And pictures before I head out.

And my mirror is really dirty. 

Okay, I'll spend time on that.

Last week,
I finally went and pamper myself with facial. It was really awesome minus the part where they squeeze my blackhead out from all over my face. It was really painful though. I even shed a tear , wtf. But overall, it was so great that I actually fell asleep. And the beautician interrupt me when I'm sleeping. 

I think it have been a quite sometime since I camwhore with my naked face.
not even mascara or eyebrow pencil. 

Gosh, my eyebrows is a tragic. ):

The eyebags is really bad.

It's almost middle of the year already and I guess I'm going to change my hair colour or maybe reshape my eyebrows or something. At least, I have change my closet already. That would be in process when my money comes. I should stop online shopping .